Friday, June 5, 2009

Video >> Oceans 7 - Vegas Baby

Vegas Baby!

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Video >> Tokin Black Guy - Turn My Music High

I posted about this guy a while back Definitely not Yeezy may I add.. Thanks to 2dope

Video >> Kanye West - Paranoid ft. Rhianna (OFFICIAL)

So the other version floating around last week wasn't the official version...Gotta say I like this one better..

The other version

Mixtape >> Terry Urban & Gold Coin Present Southern Gold

I'm a sucker for mashups..Santigold beats v Southern hip-hop

Southern Gold {Illroots}

1. M.I.A. Artistes
(Ft. Pitbull & Ying Yang Twins)

2. You’ll Find A Way Player
(Ft. Andre 3000 & Bun B)

3. Still Tippin’ It
(Ft. Slim Thug & Mike Jones)

4. Can’t Say It (Ft. T-Pain)

5. Creating Kryptonite
(Ft. Purple Ribbon All-Stars)

6. Fire Superman (Ft. Lil’ Wayne) [Prod. By Mike Cash]

7. Hustlin’ With The Lights Out
(Ft. Rick Ross)

8. Shawty Is Starstuck
(Ft. The Dream)

9. Unfreakable Girl
(Ft. Gucci Mane)

10. Nann Lady
(Ft. Trick Daddy & Trina)
[Prod. By JKhan]

11. Anne’s Plan
(Ft. Chip Tha Ripper)
[Prod. By Mike Cash]

12. You’ll Go Crazy
(Ft. Young Jeezy)
[Prod. By Mike Cash]

Bonus >> Check out 6 potential TV Roles for Lil Wayne

Video >> MGMT - Kids

MGMT's ubiquitous 'Kids' gets a video directed by Ray Tintori, which features a little kid basically being harrassed by monsters...

Mos Def >> Auditorium ft. Slick Rick

Another record off 'Ecstatic'...Mos is so ill! And than you throw in Slick Rick? what?!!

Mos Def >> Auditorium ft. Slick Rick

Mixtape >> Lloyd - Lessons in Love Vol 2

Lloyd - Lessons in Love Vol 2

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Video >> Kanye West - Spaceship ft. GLC & Consequence [FULL]

Kanye West circa 'College Dropout' ahead of everyone in rap by like a light year...

The Kickdrums - Just a Game (Album)

The album is here! With their mix of hip-hop beats and indie sensibility The Kickdrums make music that fuse the best of both musical stylings into their own sound. Some great records here..

01 Imaptient (Slow Down)
02 When I Come Down
03 Just A Game
04 Things Work Out
05 Personal Calamity
06 Out To Get Me!
07 Slippin Away
08 Mental Traveler
09 Death Of A Dream Machine
10 Tell Me Stories

The Kickdrums - Just a Game (Album)

Stream: Onsmash

Monday, June 1, 2009

Flying Lotus >> Parisian Goldfish (Take Remix)

This is dope to me...more info @ Flying Lotus's Los Angeles Ep.3...

Flying Lotus - Parisian Goldfish (Take Remix)

Travis Barker & DJ AM >> Fix Your Face Vol 2

Fix Your Face Vol 2 the followup to the heavily downloaded vol. 1 collab between superstars Travis Barker and DJ AM is now available for download @ a pretty innovative bit of marketing the guys are asking that you make one twitter post to download the tape..

The Killers >> Joyride (Night Version)

This is a B-side to 'The World We Live in'..The video is a fan made clip..

The Killers - Joyride(Night version)

Award Show Moments >> Em gets Teabagged ...Jamie Foxx & Halle..

Em was totally setup here...Notice the camera zoom on Eminem just before his teabagging...Well anyway I can't stop laughing...'Is the Real Slim Shady about to stand up?" Bwahahahahahaha!

And in case you missed the Guys Choice Awards on Spike TV....Yeah thats Halle Berry giving Jamie Foxx a hand job on stage..And yes Jamie goes straight for the a$$...Now as I'm typing this I'm looking for a place to lay my mat so I can pray towards the direction of Jamie Foxx's light source..excuse me..

Video >> Kanye West - Spaceship ft. GLC & Consequence {GLC's Verse}

Why was this never released?

Sa-Ra Creative Partners >> Bitch Baby

Sa-ra will be back with a new album Nuclear Evolution: The Age of love 06/23...This should wet your appetite..Hopefully Ti$a keeps the leopard skin tights at the crib this time though..

Sa-Ra Creative Partners - Bitch Baby

Heres the tracklist

Disc 1:

01. Spacefruit Feat. Debi Nova
02. Dirty Beauty Feat. Erykah Badu
03. I Swear feat. Noni Limar
04. Melodee N’mynor
05. He Say She Say
06. Traffika
07. Souls Brother
08. Bitch Baby
09. Love Czars
10. Gemini’s Rising feat. Rozzi Daime
11. The Bone Song
12. White Cloud feat. Rozzie Daime & Lil’ Kenny
13. Move Your Ass
14. Love Today
15. Can I Get You Hi
16. My Star Feat. Erika Rose
17. Cosmic Ball Feat. The Gary Bartz Quartet

Disc 2:

01. Spaceways Theme
02. Just Like A Baby
03. Double Dutch (Co Co Pops)
04. Death Of A Star (Supernova)
05. Powder Bump
06. Hangin By A String

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