Saturday, May 30, 2009

M. Will the Shogun >> Mind in Another World

The track is definitely up the SPZSHIP alley.. Off M.Will the Shogun's debut album 'A Journey Through Space and Time' which you can also download below..

M. Will the Shogun - Mind in Another World

1. Mad World ft. Nero
2. CuDi Spazzin (M.Will rmx) ft. Nero
3 Blue Light ft. TreaZon
4 Mind in Another World *instrumental*
5 Bright Lights, Big City ft. El Prez
6 Imagine ft. Amor Jones
7 Knowledge ft. D_Strange
8 Nothing iz Real ft. Temanology
9 Move On ft. QuESt and Oh!
10 The Return *Instrumental*
11 Coordinates Remix ft. Nero, Hassaan Mackey and Ryan Perfect

M. Will the Shogun - Mind in Another World

Video >> The Killers Live on Jonathan Ross

The Killers performed 4 songs...'Human','Mr. Brightside', 'The World We Live in', 'When We Were Young'..

Part 2 on the other side..

Ryan Leslie >> Something That I Like

New R. Les...

Ryan Leslie - Something That I Like

Mixtape >> Oceans 7 (J.D., Usher, Nelly, Trey Songz, Jhonta Austin, B. Cox) - 3000 and 9 Sh**

This is the Oceans 7 mixtape long built up to by Jermaine Dupri...

1. Intro
2. Ain’t I
3. Diddy Skit
4. Too Much Swag
5. I Need That Girl
6. Where’s The Love
7. Owe Me Sex
8. It’s Amazing
9. Day And Night
10. Vegas Is Our Town
11. Vegas Baby

Oceans 7 - 3000 and 9 __t

Friday, May 29, 2009

Video >> Soul Assassins - Classical Video ft. Evidence & Sick Jacken

The first video for the Soul Assassin's new album 'Intermission' out June 23..The track is produced by Alchemist of course..

[Soul Assasins - Intermission]

Dam-Funk BBC Mary Anne Hobbs Mix

I can't believe I totally forgot to post this...everyday is a Dam-Funk day around these parts..From Mary Anne Hobbs Experimental Show on BBC..

DâM-FunK – ‘Brookside Park’ (Stones Throw)
DâM-FunK – ‘Spacecapades’ (Stones Throw)
DâM-FunK – ‘This Time, Take It Out On the Groove’ (Stones Throw)
DâM-FunK – ‘Flying V Ride’ (Stones Throw)
DâM-FunK – ‘The Sky Is Ours’ (Stones Throw)
DâM-FunK – ‘Sidewayz’ (Stones Throw)
DâM-FunK – ‘Rollin’ (Stones Throw)
L.S. Movement – ‘Move Everything You Got’ (LA/Veg)

Dam-Funk BBC Mix

Mike Nova - Steppin In 09 (prod. RC)

My boy Mike Nova shot me this track last night...For the longest time I've been waitin for Mike to put some of his ridiculously dope ish out there into the blog universe so that all of you can get a taste....And this is just bonkers..Dig a new artist worthy of your ear..

Mike Nova - Steppin In 09

Franz Ferdinand >> Die On the Floor + Feel the Envy

Franz Ferdinand will be releasing their 'Blood' EP on June 1st. The EP will be a collection of dubbed out versions of some of their records... These 2 records are early leaks...

Blood tracklist
1. “Feel the Pressure” (”What She Came For” dub version)
2. “Die on the Floor” (”Can’t Stop Feeling” dub version)
3. “The Vaguest of Feeling” (”Live Alone” dub version)
4. “If I Can’t Have You Then Nobody Can” (”Turn It On” dub version)
5. “Katherine Hit Me” (”No You Girls” dub version)
6. “Backwards on My Face” (”Twilight Omens” dub version)
7. “Feeling Kind of Anxious” (”Ulysses” dub version)
8. “Feel the Envy” (”Send Him Away” dub version)

Franz Ferdinand - Feel the Envy

Franz Ferdinand - Die On the Floor

Thanks to Soundverite

Mixtape >> Fresh Daily - Tomorrow is Today

Leave it to Fresh Daily to drop a mixtape that blows everyone else out the water for breathtaking dopeness..These aren't all brand new tracks, but it doesn't matter.. If you haven't heard Fresh Daily before download this tape. Look at that tracklist and do the do...Seriously..Mickey Factz, Oddisee, Flying Lotus, Gorillaz, Jesse Boykins III? Killin em Fresh!

Fresh Daily - Tomorrow is Today Mixtape

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Video >> Pharrell talks 'Hoppin Over Fences'

Pharrell talks about what influenced him in producing a record for Rob Drydek & Nino Scalia's new movie 'Street Dreams' called 'Hoppin Over fences' and how skateboarding influenced his style and approach to music...

A couple of points here...I'm so beyond my skateboarding days, but I can always appreciate the culture that developed around it back in the day and it still has an impact on my sense of creative thought...

I think I can definitely say one thing with certainty though...'Rob Drydek's Fantasy Factory' one of the most entertaining shows on TV in a long time..

Congrats to Phareal for making Fast Company's 100 most creative people in business(slotted @ 36..WOW!)...A lot of interesting people take a minute and be inspired..

The Kickdrums >> Things Work out

These guys supply the content.... I just post it. The second single off 'Just a Game'

The Kickdrums - Things Work Out

Previous >> Video: The Kickdrums - Just a Game..

O'Spada >> Time

To be honest I wasn't sure about this when I saw it, but than I realized Julia Spada was the lead singer of this Stockholm based group and I knew from hearing her previously that it was probably dope...clicked play...Dope. This is their first single from their album which will be released this Fall.

O'Spada - Time

Check out O'Spada

Shouts to Despotz for the info..

Previously >> 35 Bag - Find Me ft. Julia Spada

Mixtape >> Fake Shore Drive X The Cool Kids X DJ Timbuc2 - Fake Shore Drive Mixtape

FSD's new mixtape

Fake Shore Drive Mixtape

Video >> Jake One - Home feat. Vitamin D, Note, Maneak B and Ish

It would be illegal for me to call myself a Seattle Representative without posting this one.. This one is basically a collection of some of Seattle's most influential Hip-hop artists...

Sunglasses >> Common Projects X Moscot Originals

$285 @

Free Album >> Lovejones & Phys Edison - Sunday Drive

Good lookin to Lovejones for shooting this my way...I'm on catch up mode right now...Dope records from a new artist..Sit on the Moon is still my ___!

1. Sunday Morning(Still Thinking About Saturday Night)
2. Sunday Drive
3. New World
4. Downtime
5. Phys Edison's Brunch
6. Sit on the Moon
7. The One(My SV Shit)
8. Sunday Drive Midnight Mix
9. Had a Dream
10. B.I.G. DreamsBonus Tracks
11. The Get Up
12. They Gon Hate
13. Sucka MCs
14. Roll Call(Top City)

Lovejones & Phys Edison - Sunday Drive

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Video >> Kanye West - Paranoid ft. Rhianna (Official Video)

Yessssiiirr!! My 2nd favorite(could be my #1 off 808s)

Video >> The Dream ft. Kanye West - Walkin' On the Moon

This record might be The Dream's best record yet...

Monday, May 25, 2009

Video >> Kanye West - Paranoid ft. Kid Cudi and Rhianna {Cam Shot}

So apparantely L.A. Reid doesn't check for cameras when he decides to premiere videos to a select audience of industry heads at his conference..Well this video along with a couple of others including The Dream's 'Walking on the Moon' were leaked last week and than subsequently pulled...

Jay-Z >> Can't Cheat Death(prod. DJ Premier) + Damn{snippet}

New Jay!...'Can't Cheat Death' and 'Damn' are off Hi-Def's 'Premier Issue Vol 7'..Heatrocks...

Jay-Z >> Can't Cheat Death (prod. DJ Premier)

Jay-Z >> Damn {snippet}

Video >> The New Royales - New World Order

Heres the new clip from The New Royales...Jay Electronica collab EP on the way(Gonna be insane)..