Saturday, April 4, 2009

SPZSHIP Favorites: Ratatat - Bustelo

Some Saturday brain food.....

Ratatat - Bustelo


Friday, April 3, 2009

Wale - Penthouse Anthem

Wale just dropped this via twitter..Luckily I was awake for Obama's French Townhall... Feelin it...'I got somethin for those stripper girls'


"dis isnt no “hiphophead’ record..this is for people who watch strippers and fall in love temporarily and for the beautiful women who aint SHY" fall in love...they leave with your money...

Wale - Penthouse Anthem

Old Money x Writers Block - Other Planes Of There Mix

Old Money and Writers Block drop another nice mix on you....A tracklist all you SPZSHIP readers can get into....If you missed Old Moneys last mix Dodgy Elevators pick that up...

Kesed - “Kemet I”
Outkast - “E.T. (Extraterrestrial)”
Kanye West - “Spaceship”
Earth, Wind & Fire - “After The Love Has Gone”
Norman Connors - “You Are My Starship”
N.E.R.D. - “Love 3om3″
Saul Williams - “The Tao of Now”
Outkast - “Elevators (Me & You)”
Blackstar feat. Common - “Respiration”
Kid Cudi - “Man On The Moon”
Lil’ Wayne - “Phone Home”
Kesed - “Kemet II”
Sun Ra - “Nuclear War”
Jay Electronica - “Extra Extra”
Charles Hamilton - “Krispy Kreme Intentions”
Eddie Griffin Explains The Pyramids
Pharrell/Timbaland/Magoo - “Big White Spaceship”
Outkast - “ATLiens”
Funkadelic - “Red Hot Mama”
Kanye West - “I Wonder”
Outkast - “Synthesizer”
Kesed - “Kemet III”
Bobby Ray a.k.a. B.o.B. - “I’ll Be In The Sky”
Afrika Bambaataa - “Planet Rock”
Common - “Universal Mind Control”
Bobby Ray a.k.a. B.o.B. - “Starship Strobelite”
Jay Electronica - “The Pledge (Eternal Sunshine)”
Kid Cudi - “Day N Nite (Crookers Remix)”
Bobby Ray a.k.a. B.o.B. - “Cyber Heaven”
Outkast - “B.O.B.”
Janelle Monáe - “Many Moons”
Bobby Ray a.k.a. B.o.B. - “Created a Monster”
Janelle Monáe - “Violet Stars Happy Hunting!”
Kesed - “Kemet IV”

Old Money x Writers Block - Other Planes Of There 83 min mix...

The Greatness - ft. Diz Gibran, Pacific Division, & Kartwright

L.A. is the L.A. lyricist Diz Gibran's Crooks & Castles Mixtape 'Soon You'll Understand'....

The Greatness ft. Diz Gibran, Pacific Division, and Kartwright

Nah Right on the leak....

Thursday, April 2, 2009

35bag - Elevator Girl + Find Me ft. Julia Spada + Game Over ft. Anthony Mills

Get to know 35bag...The guy is a multi-instrumentalist producer out of Sweden...His music is a fusion of old school R&B, Blues, Funk, Jazz, and a whole lot of other good stuff...I've been playing some his tracks the past couple of days and hes bonkers..I previously posted a track of his called 'Hot Like Hell' ft. Anthony Mils.. And I've returned with some more heat...I'm a fan of artists that do their own instrumentation.....Kind of needed some laidback music as an antidote to all the other stuff thats in my ipod...

35bag - Elevatorgirl

35bag - Find Me ft. Julia Spada<--Fresh...

35bag ft. Anthony Mills - Game Over.. shout to for the last two joints..Best site I've seen on the music scene in Sweden.

Previously posted>> 35bag ft. Anthony Mills - Hot Like Hell

to 35bag...'Tape You' is my sh__...I want that EP buddy...

Item of the Week #12: Clear/Translucent Frame Wayfarer

Retrosuperfuture Blue Translucent Wayfarer

Retrosuperfuture Red Translucent Wayfarer

I was really feelin these 'Super' Clear Wayfarers when I posted them a minute ago and I started to see these around...Gotta say I'm feelin it...Here are some more pretty dope variations from some other well known brands you might dig...

Paul Smith X Oliver Peoples

2 Charles Hamilton Mixtapes: 'At Most I'm Just' + 'Dead Zone'

The guy loves Incubus...can't falt him for that...

At Most I'm Just

Dead Zone

Charles Hamilton is still a young dude and still has some growing up to do...but I know raw talent when I see it...The guy in the truist sense uses his lyricism as some form of therapy as has become clear since he makes a few new records on a seemingly daily basis. When you listen to some of these records its like your sitting in on his session with his therapists and hes just rattling off his thoughts... This guy really is the most prolific MC I can think of right now..

Asher Roth Gets buck nekked to Sell Records...Like D'Angelo

Truism: Pale ass white dudes should never do videos like fact no male should ever do a video like this...But this is hella(did I just say that) funny!!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Hip Hop Official: Mickey Factz on 'The Achievement'

Mickey speaking on his new Album 'The Achievement'...Can't wait for that...

+ don't forget to download.... SPZSHIP Vol 1. 'Def...initive Mickey Factz' which includes a bunch of Mickey's Best joints... I know all my regular readers have it...But definitely all you newbies need that in your!

Def...initive Mickey Factz

You can Also catch Mickey's interview on Karmaloop TV: Their Words on the other end....

...Read more

We Have Band: Oh!

These guys supposedly killed it @ SXSW... I wouldn't know cause I wasn't there *Procrastinating sucks*... Track is koo to me, but not really into this clip.. Indie bands always go over board on the wierd tip when they're trying to hard to get noticed...

Kid Cudi - Look Up In Da Stars ft. Wale (No Tags)

The no tag version...Completely stopped looking for this...

Kid Cudi - Lookup In Da Stars ft. Wale


Pharrell Blogging on Honeyee

Everyone's favorite N.E.R.D is now blogging over @ Honeyee ...let the posts about Cars, Women, Architecture, Interesting clothes, Press, Gold...stuff, and Louis Vuitton....stuff begin...

U-N-I & Ro. Blvd - A Love Supreme

The by now ubiquitous post...Pick it up if you haven't already...Great music from some great guys...(I gotta support my Habesha brotha ...Yonas!..and my boy is from Seattle too..You know I gotta support the movement..)

01 My Life
02 Windows
03 Supreme
04 Hollywood Hiatus
05 Lately
06 Pulp Fiction Part 1 f. Fashawn
07 The Grudge
08 Voltron
09 Stylin
10 Hammertime
11 Calendar Girls
12 Lauren London
13 Black Sky
14 Halftime
15 A Love Supreme

U-N-I X RO. Blvd - A Love Supreme

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Rock The Bells Official Launch Party

Click for actual size

Can't wait for RTB this year...Theres been a real shortage of dope hip-hop shows...Should be a lot of dope performances at this one...

Adam Tensta - See U Watching (Robin Rocks Remix)

Although I'm not really feeling some things about the chorus...still..SPZSHIP Approved.

Adam Tensta - See U Watching (Robin Rocks Remix)

Monday, March 30, 2009

Sharam - She Came Along ft. Kid Cudi

Oh yeah some new Cudi..This track is pretty dope..It features Cudi going over a Sample of Patsy Cline's 'Strange'... Off Sharam's(One Half of the Duo Deep Dish) solo disc..The disc features collabs from Diddy, Kid Cudi, Daniel Bedingfield, And Tommy Lee...

Sharam - She Came Along ft. Kid Cudi

thanks to [DatNewCudi] for droppin the $2 on the full on DJ Tunes...had the snippet already...

You can cop it on itunes now...

[House Planet DJ]

Twista - I Can Make You Say ft. Prince (Prod. Kanye West)(tags)

Twista's Freaky tales, produced by Kanye West, with Prince Samples....Pretty much thats a wrap.

Btw...After getting sick of looking through really wack pics of Twista...I decided this one was better...Just one of my go to pics..I could really post that one for just about anything..

Twista - I Can Make You Say ft. Prince(prod Kanye West)(tags)

SPZSHIP - New Music Monday

Just another playlist of my weekly favorites...

Video: J*Davey - Slooow

One of the dopest tracks off 'Beauty in Distortion'...What did Blu say?..'Having visions of bonin J*davey'...If theres ever a new 'Mad Max' movie...Miss Jack...I'm just

Vote now for J*Davey @ MTVU for favorite Freshman...

[SeantheRobot on the spot..]

Video: Flying Lotus - Los Angeles

So let me say this...Of course I was going to post this..Flying Lotus's new video for his song 'Los Angeles' played over classic futuristic movie clips..What? A clip that infuses 3 of my favorite things..(Los Angeles, Classic futuristic movies, & Flying Lotus) ...Check out Flying Lotus's site where you can hear a preview of some of the tracks..

[Spotted @ Hypetrak via ..Lost & Found]

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Wood Wear ft. Mickey Factz, Fresh Daily, P. Casso, Homeboy Sandman..

Well...I was doing some Javascript homework, but I checked my inbox and look what I found...

I got that hip-hop fix for that ass....some of the most talented NY grinders on the scene... I know you remember that 'Wu Wear' beat when the Wu-tang was droppin Wu-Wear(don't front like you didn't rock some Wu-wear..I was broke so all I could afford was the tees)..That joint was bangin everywhere in the 206 in those days especially all the Asian kids with their Honda Civics(the memories)...Well anyway the track features Mickey Factz, Fresh Daily, Homeboy Sandman, P.CASSO, Soul Purpose, A-butta, Christina K and Peter Hadar.

The track is off the upcoming Earthtone Mixtape Dropping soon...

Wood Wear ft. Mickey Factz, Fresh Daily, P.Casso, Homeboy Sandman......

Shout to P. Casso

Man...Don't let me in your closet...I'll bet I'll find one or two of these..

Video: LoveJones & Phys Edison - Sit on the Moon

I knew this would be the first single...I recall saying something like...'Sit on the Moon is pretty Doooope!'...The first single off the album 'Sunday Drive' produced by Phys Edison..

Video description:

'Directed by Tori Boyd for Growing Young, Sit on the Moon offers a simple yet colorful landscape to add to the lyrics vivid imagery. The video shows Jones in his ruffled work clothes contemplating what a day off from work might feel like. With some of Chicago’s most original and colorful murals providing the backdrop, Sit on the Moon grabs the viewer’s attention and meshes perfectly with Phys Edison’s soulful instrumental and Jones’ introspective lyrics.'

LoveJones - Sit on the Moon

Thanks to Mike for shooting this over...

Previous>>Lovejones - Sit On the Moon....

Exile & DJ Day 'Dopeman' Live @ Nectar Lounge in Seattle + 'In Love' Freeload

Rip(MP3) Exile & DJ Day - Dopeman know I had to do it...

I love stuff like this...@ Exile's 'Radio' release party in my old stomping grounds..Saw these two at Boombox(a monthly show in LA)...I'm not a beatmaker, but when you see stuff like this its inspiring..

Make sure to support Exile by picking up his great beat tape..'Radio' on itunes

Great track Off 'Radio'...Freeload of the day.. = Exile - In Love