Saturday, March 7, 2009

Mark Ronson Authentic Sh*t Podcast 03.06.09: Mark Ronson's IPOD Playlist > Than Yours

After taking a break last week Ronson's back with another great show..... I seriously look forward to this... And this week Mark drops 'Mayor' and 'Topsidin' again(I would be doing the same), but as Usual drops a bunch of tracks I've never heard...Music from Donae'o, Lethal Bizzle, Scottie B, Xrabit, De La Soul, The sick homage to Pete Rock, + more, and Most importantly...I'm listenting to it right now...A possible 'Detox' track with Eminem!!!...Basically you'll be seeing some of these records posted right here...So now you know one of the people I jack from incessantly.

Listen Now Authentic Sh*t Podcast 03-06-09

You can check the tracklist on the other side >>>>>>

Fitz & The Tantrums - Breakin' The Chains Of Love

Sly & Family Stone - Love City (Bladerunners Intro - DJ AM)

Crazy Cousins - Bongo Jam

Amadou & Mariam - Ce N'Est Pas Bon (Version II Demo)

Lethal Bizzle - Go Hard RECORD OF THE WEEK

Scottie B - Wanna Whine from the DJ Kingdom Mixtape

Telepathe - Chromes On It (DJ Kingdom Remix)

WETDOG - Lower Leg

Pains of Being Pure at Heart - Young Adult Friction

Big Tuck - Not A Stain On Me ft. Gucci Mane

Pac Div - Mayor (This record is just ridiculous)

Raekwon - Blue Eagles

Ghostface Killah - Message From Ghostface(leaked 2 days ago)

Pooh, Sha, Kurupt - Homage To Pete Rock (prod. by DJ Focus)

Public Enemy - Shut 'Em Down (Pete Rock Remix)

Pete Rock & CL - Straighten It Out

House Of Pain - Jump Around (Pete Rock Remix)

Dr. Dre - The Showdown ft. Eminem Detox?

Giggs - Freestyle

XRABIT & DMG$ - Follow The Leader

Nite Jewel - What Did He Say

Trackademiks - Topsidin' feat. MoxMore

Tu Phace - Flash ft. Young Chris

Daniel Merriweather - Impossible

The Grass Roots - Let's Live For Today

The Searchers - Needles & Pins

The Coral - Don't Think You're The First

King Kong - Come Party With Us Rucksack Records

Donae'o - Head Shoulders Knees & Toes

Lethal B - Go Hard feat. Donae'o (repeat)

Big Daddy Kane - Raw

Stone Roses - Fools Gold

De La Soul - Rollerskating Jam Named Saturdays

De La Soul - Eye Know

Steely Dan - Peg

Cryptacize - Peg

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Ship Log: Daft Punk Scores Tron 2.0, Public Enemies Trailer, Q-tip X Martha Stewart,..+ More Music

Daft Punk Scores Tron 2.0


Not really a fan of either Christian Bale or Johnny Depp, but I .... wit it..


Q-tip... One of my favorite people in the world...


D.A. & Max ....Learn those names...

She Loves Everybody + Jimmy Choos...2 of my favorite tracks from Last year...

I'm still waiting for the Ghostface Doll

Ghostface - Message from Ghostface (For Rhianna).....[Nah Right]

KNAAN - You Can't Buy This(Blend Tape by K-salaam & Beatnick)...All unreleased Knaan records.......[TSS]

Send Lawyers, Guns, and Money Exhibit..AWR/MSK Show @ Canvas L.A....Ridiculous!...[The Gluttony]

Kid Cudi on the 'Sky Might Fall' leak that had the 'Internet Goin Nuts'....[Cudi]

DJ Mehdi - Tunisia Bambaata............[A-trak]

Kid Cudi - Dat New New (Viking Remix)........[]

Worlds Most Expensive CD...I'm offended (Seriously).....[Lipstick Diaries]

Visvim Spring/Summer Logan Deck Lo...Nice.....[Hi snobs..]

Mick Boogie Presents: Mateo - Underneath The Sky (Mixtape Ch. 1)


1. Story intro
2. Ooh N Love
3. Live Your Life / Get Out of My Mind -Mateo Mix
4. Say You Will Intro
5. Say You Will feat. Fashawn -Mateo Mix
6. Coldest Winter / Static - Mateo Mix
7. Underneath the Sky feat. Shawn Chrystopher

...[My inbox..shouts Evan W]

Ahhh man Coolio???...Crack? @ LAX.......[TMZ]

More..Quest for Flip-it-Fridays..'Tainted Woes'.....[Quest]

Camp Lo - Regulate....Yeah they're dropping a new record...I might pick it up....[Newmusiccartel]

The Ultimate Archive: Megan Fox's hottest pics............[Complex]

Now that we have all the important stuff out of the way I thought I'd mention....

Jobless Rate hits 8.1% + 651k Jobs lost in Feb

*Eyes close slowly*

Jamie Foxx - Blame It ft. T-Pain & Jay-Z (Terry Urban Remix)

No doubt this record is crack in the club..... Terry Urban gives us a nice blend with Jigga's Verse from 'Excuse Me Miss' over this ridiculous beat.. I might have to pick up that Jamie Foxx record(meaning download All I hear is its a dope record..Not mad Jamie. And seriously this video deserves a post for the silly fact that Forest Whitaker, Ron Howard, Jake Gyllenhaal, Sam Jackson, Tatiyana Ali(Damn I was sprung off her when I was like 13), and Bill Bellamy are all partying together in a video Directed by Hype Williams...

Jamie Foxx - Blame It ft. T-Pain & Jay-Z (Terry Urban Remix)

As usual thanks to Mick Boogie...

Video: Hip Hop Official - Who is J*Davey

Who is J*Davey..?

I have 2 words...


When the world gets a listen...Watch out.

Not familiar with J*Davey?... Check out 'Land of the Lost'

1. Hi’s & Lo’s
2. Just Because (Feat. Phonte)
3. Lil Big Heads
4. Red Light
5. Hi Sun
6. Dirty Love
7. Slooow
8. Thick Interlude
9. sLAyer (Feat. Pacific Division, Bleu Collar, & Diz Gibran)
10. Lalaland
11. Dancehall (Feat. Kardinal Offishall)
12. Mr. Mister
13. Venus 2 Mars
14. Valley of Love
15. Let It Bleed

J*Davey - Land of the Lost EP

Friday, March 6, 2009

Pharrell X Fantasy Factory (Deleted Scenes)

Crush =

Raekwon - Staten(We Go Hard)

Illllll! This is the Raekwon I want to see.

Thanks to Unkut

Raekwon - Staten (We Go Hard)

Video: Flosstradamus - Big Bills ft. Caroline Polachek + Download

Since I'm such an artsy L.A. hipster dude(LMAO @ you guys..stop that!), who likes progressive hip-hop dance tracks....Not really(just a little bit)...I really gotta say this song is dope.. I'm super late with this video, but I don't care... Caroline Polachek's voice fits perfectly with this record.. Great L.A. music!..Download Below...

Download >>> Flosstradamus - Big Bills ft. Caroline Polachek

How can you hate on a song about Big Bills??!

Look for a Jim Jones/Juelz Santana/Lil Wayne/ Kanye West/ Jay-Z/ Fabo/ Nas/ T.I./ anyone who went over Paper Planes remix coming soon(i.e. 6 months from now)..

Video: Sebastien Tellier - Kilometer(A-trak Remix) (Teaser) + Download (A-trak Extended Dub Version)

The video comes courtesy of A-trak's tumblr and is based on A-trak's incredible remix.... A-trak also dropped an extended dub version of Kilometer, which you can download below...

Sebastien Tellier - Kilometer(A-trak emix)

Sebastien Tellier - Kilometer (A-trak Extended Dub Version)

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Video: Kid Cudi on 'Sky Might Fall'

Since my page was bombarded by people looking for Cudi's 'Sky Might Fall' the night I posted the download link and subsequently pulled it(After 1-2 hours by request..Cudi's People didn't authorize the leak..)... Its clear thats gonna be Cudi's big record... I thought that this was actually going to be a part of the Transformers 2 soundtrack but via Cudi 'Its not official'..

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Video: The 87 Stickup Kids - Born to Role (Dir. Kwesi Kodia)(Prod. Diplo)

I had seen this the other day and completely forgot about it.... The first video release from the L.A. based group The 87 Stickup Kids with a guest appearance by Micah James...Also look for Pac Div making a guest appearance..

The 87 Stickup Kids - Born to Role

Shouts to The Info Kid for shooting that my way..

Lovejones - Sit on the Moon + The Get Up

2 dope tracks from Lovejones, SPZSHIP's first artist under the spotlight...The tracks are produced by Phys Ed. and are off his debut album 'Sunday Drive'. Now I'm not even gonna lie I like both tracks, but 'Sit on the Moon' is pretty doooope!!

Lovejones - Sit on the Moon

Lovejones - The Get Up

Thanks to Lovejones for the tracks...

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Mickey Factz - Pick Up the Bass (Prod. Precize)(CDQ)

Mickey sent everyone an email with a link to his new Rhyme and Reason/Honda Music Blog and there you will find the full version of the track I posted last night via my log post.... I've seen Mickey perform this @ the Roxy(with like literally 20 people..) and thought it was dope.. The track is produced by Precize..

Mickey Factz - Pick Up the Bass(Prod. Precize)(CDQ)

Video: N.A.S.A - Way Down ft. RZA, John Frusciante, and Barbie Hatch

The second video from N.A.S.A's new album.....'Spirit of Apollo'...This is one of my favorite tracks off the album.. The video has been floating around youtube and some other sites the past cople days but its been getting pulled... This is the official release

The clip was directed by Sage Vaughn and Syd Garon

Via ..Sage and Syd's Boingboing interview:

'Xeni Jardin: Syd, can you tell us about what we're seeing here -- the story this video tells? How did you develop this visual narrative, in relation to the message of the song (about a woman who falls in love with the Devil?)

Syd Garon: Sage was painting these warring gangs of Blue Jays and Cardinals in the trees of Los Angeles and the song was about a forbidden love, you can see how the west side story naturally evolved from that, in fact it seems like it was inevitable. The pitch on this video was Winged Migration meets Straight out of Compton and I think thats how it turned out.'

You can check out the whole interview

Ship Log:...A-trak & his Monkey Friend?..Cudi leak..Programmable Matter!...New Kanye, Crooks & Castles album?..Kenna, Kaws.. + More

Talking with the support of a monkey stuffed animal = Cool..

BTW... A-trak sounds like one of my old Biology teachers...



Was @ this show at Little Temple forgot how long ago.....


Programmable Matter...WOW!


Mike Posner & The Braintrust Mixtape....'A Matter of Time" hosted by Don Cannon

Download that!...

Download via OS


Listen to it @ IMEEM

Load free: Itunes


Bummer: Dow Drops to Lowest point since 97'...[Thanks Dubya]

Joe Young - We Alright ft. Kanye West..........[Perajok]

Crooks & Castles - Ruling Elite (prod Illmind)....[Hypetrak]

Mr Hudson - Straight No Chaser..Who the Hell is Mr. Hudson!!?? Well anyway he has Kanye, Asher Roth and Kid Cudi contributing...[Semtex]

Kenna to release 4 EPs & Album!............[Neptunes#1]

Kaws New York Mag Cover........[Supertouch]

Big Tone - A Song Called Triumph ft. Blu....[OS]

Mickey Factz - Pick Up the Bass [Illroots]

The Virgins - Rich Girls (XXXCHANGE Remix).....[Discobelle]

Melo-X - Google Alerts..Day n Nite Sample.....[Myspace]

Asher Roth 20 Min Freestyle....[Mike Waxx]

Kid Cudi - Sky Might Fall (Prod. Kanye West)(Unfinished) (CDQ) - Pulled -

Ohh yes Cudi's Kanye Produced contribution to the Transformer 2 soundtrack in full CDQ form leaked to the net tonight... I've heard this is an unfinished version and no one seems to know the source of the leak.. It'll be on alll your favorite blogs in the next couple of hours...

Update: Pulled.. Cudi's people didn't authorize the leak and are asking all blogs to pull the posts.... Explanation = Via Datnewcudi

'As tons of you may know by know, Sky Might Fall has leaked. Shortly after it dropped on the internet I was contacted by Cudi’s Management in regards to the leak. The track was not leaked by Cudi or his management and they had no intention of leaking it. To safely say, no ones happy with this. Out of respect for Cudder, I won’t discuss/post/ackowledge the leak until it’s official and has been put out on his website or by his management. Cudi went on to also say the track is not finished.

The reason this has been removed is, they don’t want people thinking this is the official release of the song and having this unfinished version spreading across the net only helps that assumption. The mess has been made, its out and sadly nothing can be done about it. I encourage everyone who has posted it to take it down. If you have any info in regards to the origin of the leak, leave me an email at'

SPZSHIP: Silly huh?....

With that being said...Who said I couldn't let you hear it...?

Check the Transformer's 2 Trailer with Kid Cudi's track on the other side....

...Read more

Quest - Distant Travels Into Soul Theory (Mixtape)

Distant Travels Into Soul Theory is here.... Quest has made it a point to promote his music well dropping leaks to the tape the last couple of weeks and he dropped this one in my box a couple of hours ago... I gotta say I've been anticipating this one.. Quest has one of the most interesting vocals I've heard from an up and coming hip hop artist in a while.. And he delivers some great work over strictly 70's soul/funk records..

Quest - Distant Travels Into Soul Theory (Mixtape)

And congrats to Quest for winning "The Survival of the Fittest grand Prize".. He'll be getting the opportunity to record with Jermaine Dupri and what seems to be a Demo deal with Tag records..! Big Up Homie!

Emily Wells - Juicy (Notorious B.I.G. Cover)

I had seen this over the weekend @ Pigeons & Planes and was utterly blown... I twittered about it and played it several times... Haunting and very Cool!

I come bringing gifts:

Emily Wells - Juicy (Notorious B.I.G. Cover)

Monday, March 2, 2009

New Music Monday! Soo Much Heat.. Mark Ronson, Wale, Beck, The Twelves, R. Les, Pac Div, A-Trak, Kid Cudi + More

OOOhhh Damn SOOOOooo much great music its crazy and again this isnt everything....But its my picks..

In the Knowles Household....Solange > Beyonce

Now I knew she was a cool chick from back in the day when I would see her interviews and stuff.. She reminded me of chicks I grew up with and talked to.. Than she made a record that was freakin crazy..... Than I saw these clips of her doing some covers and in particular this one right here... Now I really don't want to hear anything from Beyonce fanatics....But in the Knowles family in my opinion ...Solange > Beyonce.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

A-trak - Infinity +1 'Teaser' Minimix!

A-trak dropped this 8-min teaser today over @ Fools Gold... The official full mix drops on March 31st! ..Follow A-trak and Infinity +1 on Twitter

A-trak - Infinity +1 teaser Minimix ..He used Yousendit which has a download limit so get it while you can!

Check out the full tracklist + Supporting tour dates on the other side...

Infinity +1 tracklisting:

1. Intro / John Dahlbäck “Sidewalk”
2. KIM “Party Machini”
3. Laurent Wolf “The Crow”
4. Farley Jackmaster Funk “Love Can’t Turn Around” (Lifelike Remix)
5. MSTRKRFT feat. N.O.R.E. “Bounce” (A-Trak Remix)
6. Donnis “Party Works”
7. Kid Sister “Life On TV”
8. Sébastien Tellier “Kilometer” (A-Trak Remix)
9. The Golden Filter “Solid Gold”
10. Bag Raiders “Nil By Mouth” (Knightlife Remix)
11. Holy Ghost! “Hold On”
12. DJ Mehdi “Pocket Piano” (Joakim Remix)
13. Midnight Juggernauts “Shadows”
14. Gonzales “Working Together” (Boys Noize Dub Mix)
15. Soundstream “Freakin”
16. Little Boots “Stuck On Repeat” (Fake Blood Remix)
17. Housemeister “What You Want” (Siriusmo Remix)
18. A-Trak “Say Whoa” (DJ Spinna Remix)
19. Dam Funk “Galactic Fun”
20. Alexander Robotnick “Problèmes d’Amour”
21. James Yuill “This Sweet Love” (Prins Thomas Sneaky Edit)

Tour Dates:

3/14/09 BROOKLYN, NY - STUDIO B (w/ DJ Mehdi)
3/19/09 AUSTIN, TX - PALM DOOR (Fool’s Gold SXSW Showcase)
3/20/09 LOS ANGELES, CA - AVALON (w/ Sinden)
3/28/09 MIAMI, FL - WHITE ROOM (Fool’s Gold WMC Showcase)

...Read more

Ship Log: ..L.A.'ed out! More Music, Yeezy's Storytellers, Obama = Coolest President EVER! + more

Yeezy's Storytellers was pretty dope.....


Man!...I have to get outta L.A. like yesterday..Somewhere like an island say Hawaii(been planning that forever)/Belize..Some place cosmopolitan and artsy like New York or in Europe say...Berlin/London/Paris... Some place historical and culturally significant ie..Egypt/Ethiopia/South Africa/Rome...Some place important to understand for the future i.e... China or Japan/Dubai.. Some place with crazy beautiful women..i.e.. Brazil.. Its about that time to fulfill my traveller fantasies.. I always pictured myself as that guy thats always off to some distant place(My degree is in International Relations)...Funny how when your imagining things like that money is never an object..

Well eventually...



I like TSS's write up...

"In the media’s continuing focus to make sure everyone knows that Barack is a mere mortal, here’s pictures of him sitting courtside @ the Phone Booth where he watched his hometown Bulls get slayed by his new hometown Wiz. The President drank beer, slapped high fives and then went home & boned The First Lady.

Something tells me that if this Negro went to shit & allowed cameras in, they would film it. As cool as all this is (imagine them holding up tipoff until you made it to YOUR seat lol), I kind of want to be a little removed from my President. I mean, he’s Youtubin’ it, he’s got the nation Twitter’ing. Sheesh. Embrace some of that Wizard Of Oz mystique & let me think you’re not as much like me as you really are. At this rate, I might fuckin run for office."

All the while Republicans are forming their plan to reach the youth


Ryan Leslie - One in a Million......[WDIR]

The Neptunes X Kobe Nike Zoom Commercial.......[Youtube]

Alife X Colette G-Shock watch.....[Colette]

My Favorite Baseball player (Ken Griffey Jr.) returns to my hometown Mariners and RPS makes a tee to celebrate called 'The Kid' only $24!...[Hypebeast]

Pretty Much Amazing: 'Chiddy Bang is the Coolest thing since the Cool Kids'..[PMA]

Nickelus F. ft. Portishead - Cowboys + Roads.......[Cowboys + Roads = Nah Right]

Asher Roth - Takeover Freestyle......[DJ Semtex]

Ever wondered what Zach de La Rocha from Rage Against the Machine has been up to....[LA Times]

Kidz in the Hall - The In Crowd (Deluxe Edition) w/new stuff...[Ruby Hornet]

Remember Wendy & Lisa from Prince and the Revolution(Purple Rain)??..Rock the Dub interviews them on their new project.....[Rock the Dub]

Drake X Interview.....[Vibe]

Pacific Division - Pac Div ........[Nah Right]

New Gourmet NFN @ Undefeated...Sick with it....[UNDFTD]

Laroux - In For the Kill(Twelves Remix)....[Pretty Much Amazing]