Saturday, February 28, 2009

Kanye West VH1 Storytellers Live [Mixtape]

Kanye West VH1 Storytellers Mixtape

A mixtape of Kanye's Live VH1 performance which airs tonight @ 9pm on VH1..

1. See You In My Nightmares
2. RoboCop
3. Flashing Lights
4. Amazing
5. Touch The Sky
6. Say You Will
7. Good Life
8. Heartless
9. Love Lockdown
10. Stronger* (Bonus)

Kanye West VH1 Storytellers Live Mixtape

Thanks to Perajok..

Previous.. Video: Kanye West - Stronger @ VH1 Storytellers Live

Video: Senor Kaos - Girls Rock Too (Remix)

Since Black History Month is ending today I thought this was appropriate... But the message of this record isn't just for Black women its for all... To all the ladies out there doing theirs.. We appreciate you.

Word to Senor Kaos for the ill record and clip..

Video: Scorcher - I Know

I gotta say I'm on this.... shouts to my UK peoples! Thanks to DJ Semtex...

1st single off his upcoming album 'Concrete Jungle'.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Dita Eyewear 'The Gold Series'

Dita Eyewear just shot a press release with these crazy joints. Dita's 'The Gold Series' is made up of 2 different Aviator Shades. One in the classic Aviator lense and the other in the classic Dita Aviator shape with mirrored lenses made of 24k white and yellow gold...

Dita Eyewear:

'Dita has developed custom mirrored lenses using authentic 24k white and yellow gold. Dita has created these lenses by using an extraordinary and privileged technology that takes the precious metal and compresses it between two lenses preventing the common problem of scratched mirrored lenses. The two fused lenses prevent the gold mirror from being rubbed or scratched off; creating a lens that will not lose its luster.

Dita will offer this exclusive lens technology in the following frames: Dynasty, Voulez Vous, Ambassador, and Midnight Special. Global production will be limited to 75 pieces per style in each lens color. The frame colors will match the lens colors. '

Nickel Eye - Brandy of the Damned ft. Wale (Mark Ronson Remix)

I had heard this on Mark Ronson's Authentic Sh*t Podcast and had to replay it several times(like I'm doing right now)... along with some other joints he premiered...Its just one of the coolest tracks I've heard in a while..... A radio show rip was popping up in some places, but now Stereogum drops the freeload...Thank you!

Nickel Eye - Brandy of the Damned ft. Wale (Mark Ronson Remix)

'Nickel Eye' is Nikolai Fraiture, of 'The Strokes', side project... The track is Mark Ronson's remix of his track 'Brandy of the Damned' off his 'The Time of The Assasins'..You can hear the original on his Myspace...The original is actually quite dope! Check that too...

Ship Log:...Getting 'Punk in Drublic'

Shouts to the bartender..'Punk in Drublic'..I'm soo jackin that!

^^MF DOOM X Ghostface - GTA Chinatown Wars


The new Heart and Mind Hoodie from BBC..


Diamond Supply & Han Cholo Online release....[CTOtheJL]

"My Foolish Heart" remix ft. Consequence...Name that sample(Only one of my favorite hip-hop tracks all time).....Ok its GZA - 'Liquid Swords'(I'm embarrassed for you if you didn't know)[kanYe]

Beck - Leopard Skin Pill-box Hat (Bob Dylan Cover)....[]

Alife Everybody Mid Parachute Checkers.....[Sneakerfiles]

Its amazing what a baby does to a woman's (uggghhhh)..Christina Aguilera makes sure the cameras didn't miss it.......[Bastardly]

Another Bastardly joint...I saw..I mean read this King Mag piece on Melyssa Ford..Jesus! that legal?..[Bastardly]

Is it just me or do you think his album is gonna be totally wack?...Like I can't think of another Asher track (outside of I Love College..) I like...None...ZERO! Not trying to hate on the guy..Just sayin..

Louis Vuitton & Skam(Toronto Graff Artist)....[K&G]

Congorock(Fools Gold) - Runark.....[Rcrdlbl]

Snoop & Cube talk Lakers...Like seriously what else do you think they talk about??...Obama Pulling out of Iraq??.....[Youtube]

BTW..Obama is pulling out of Iraq in 19 months...Go Barack!..[Huffingtonpost]

If you missed Brandun Deshay's Vol 2 For the Show tape...Go Check that with a just added mini-listen....[SPZSHIP]

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Mickey Factz - Sensibility + Honda Ad?

I love this song.... The track from Mickey's Honda Commercial below..

Mickey Factz - Sensibility

Thanks to Nah Right for the track...

Kanye West - Lost Songs [Mixtape]

The Kanye West 'Lost Songs' Mixtape is filled with 'lost' (unreleased) Yeezy records... I'm listening now!

Kanye West - Lost Songs (Mixtape)

Thanks to Perajok

Full tracklist on the other end..

01. Milton Nascimento - Intro

02. Consequence - Don’t Forget Em (Remix) (Feat. Kanye West)

03. Bump J - Move Around (Produced By Kanye West)

04. Trick Daddy - Can’t Say No (Feat. Kanye West)

05. Consequence - Turn Yaself in (Feat. Kanye West)

06. GLC - Take Me Out (Feat. Shayla G) (Prod. By Kanye West)

07. AZ - Love is All Love (Produced By Kanye West)

08. Cassius Henry - The One (Feat. Freeway) (Prod. By Kanye West)

09. Skyzoo - I Got It Covered (Prod. By Kanye West)

10. Shawnna - What Can I Do (Feat. Missy Elliott) (Prod. By Kanye West)

11. Mystic - Breathe (Better Days) (Produced By Kanye West)

12. Kanye West - Downtown (Feat. Consequence & Abstract Mind State)

13. Teairra Marie - Make Her Feel Good (Remix) (Feat. Kanye West & Jay-Z)

14. Young Blaze - Work It Out (Produced By Kanye)

15. Young Leek - Where U Should Be (Feat. Kanye West & Ne-Yo)

16. Nappy Roots - These Walls (Prod. By Kanye West)

17. DJ Kayslay - No Problems (Featuring Jaheim, Nore, Nature & Left Gunz) (Prod. By Kanye West)

18. Infamous Syndicate - Clock Strikes (Feat. Fatal) (Produced By Kanye West)

19. Pharcity - Can’t Say No (Feat. Xavier, Aeon & Kanye West)

20. Made Men - Is It You? (Deja Vu) (Remix) (Feat. Carden, Mase & Big Pun) (Prod. By Kanye West)

21. Nick Cannon - My Wife (Feat. Slim) (Prod. By Kanye West)

22. Kanye West - Roommates (Feat. Consequence)

23. Bump J - Lock Me Down (Feat. Rick James) (Prod. By Kanye West)

24. Busta Rhymes - Dangerous (Kanye West Remix)

25. Scarface - Steve Francis Reebok Commercial (Prod. By Kanye West)

...Read more

Seergio Veneno - Ven Aqui Mama ft. Pharrell

Pharrell X Brazil

I love salsa music....Seriously, I love it... Its the best ish to dance to(Hip-hop can't f___ with it.. try Salsa/Merengue music with some alcohol in your blood stream..the best!) And I love Pharrell's instrumentals on Salsa/Merengue records like this and the one he did For Daddy Yankee 'Mamacita'... Pharrell was on that tip for a minute and he supposedly had signed Sergio... This track has been floating around for over a year, but only the snippet and now the full on Sergio's Plague Mixtape ...

Sergio Veneno - Ven Aqui Mama ft. Pharrell (Prod. Pharrell)

Via ...Sergio Veneno & Twitter

You can check the video of The Neptunes and Sergio working on the record after the jump>>>>

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Video: Nardwuar v. Lykke Li

Another Nardwuar clip...I'm not gonna lie I dig Lickey Lee's steez a little bit... Thats just cause I'm a sucker for eccentric European chicks that dig hip-hop(and have funny teeth..LMAO)..And really.. How many supposed hip-hop heads could kick any Tribe track off memory...

BTW.. Nardwuar's voice is irritating as ___k!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Item of the Week #10: Bomber Jackets

Kid Robot Perforated Leather

Calvin Klein rain Resistant Bomber

BAPE MA-1 Leather Bomber

BAPE MA-1 Leather Bomber

Fifth Ave Shoe Repair Bomber

Fifth Ave Shoe repair Bomber

HUF Leather Bomber

Double Goose V Bomber Jacket

I've been shopping for a dope bomber for a minute so this week I give you a glimpse of some of my finds...Yeah I know its basically spring and I live in L.A. *wtf!??* am I wearing bombers for..? ...F___ You!(lol) Anyway in L.A. we don't really pay attention to seasons...Cause days are always sunny(most of the time anyway)and nights are cool.. So I'm (un)fashionably late on the whole Bomber jacket tip... But I'm definitely copping one soon... Will it be one of these?...Maybe.. Probabaly not..

Download: Vimby X UPONTHINGZ - New Classics Mixtape

Produced by Cook Classics the mixtape was posted here for a listen via imeeme and now te freeload thanks to UPONTHINGZ ...No Pacific Division 'She'....But some good music anyway...

Vimby X Uponthingz - The New Classics Mixtape


HHO Artist of the Week: Cook Classics

Listen: Vimby X Uponthingz - Newclassics Mixtape

We Make It Good - Crookers

We Make it Good Crookers

WMIG & Fader Mag bring us the new We Make It Good Mix from Crookers. I've been waiting for the another mix since Blaqqstar's.. its been a couple of months... And I was excited to see a brand new mix from Crookers!

You can listen to the whole thing here and/or download below..

We Make it Good - Crookers

Previous>>>> We Make it Good - Blaqqstar

Hip Hop Official Artist of the Week: Cook Classics

A producer to watch no doubt... Cook Classics is the guy behind the new Pacific Division track She' and the new Vimby Mixtape..

"In L.A. the Entertainment industry is making yourself bigger than you really are and than you know hopefully people they see you and they think you are at that level and than in the process you get to that level"....basically...

Video: Kanye West - Stronger Live @ VH1 Storytellers

Yeezy's Storytellers is gonna be a must see... I don't care how you feel about the guy or his style.... You gotta admit hes one hell of a performer and your glued to your tv when hes on it... And to think I could of been there.. *damn it!*

Spotted = Nah via VH1 Storytellers

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Blu - Just Relax (prod. Noah) + Remixes

New Blu off the Japanese 12" by producer Noah entitled 'Just Relax' off his 'Wonderful Noise' Record..This track is DOOOOPE!!! I have both remixes by Japanese Jazz producers Dan Aikido and the Outstanding Quasimode Remix..I'm kinda pissed that my first 2 Log posts got pulled..But, I hope this kicks your day off right..I know I was lovin this last night..(twitter-->)

Blu - Just Relax (prod. Noah)

Noah - Just relax ft. Blu(Quasimode Remix)

Noah - Just Relax ft. Blu (Dan Aikido Remix)

Others who got the leak first...thanks to the 'anonymous' guy from the comments...


And thanks to Musicdaisuki for the initial info..

SHIP LOG: Late Night Travels... Stiller does Joaquin, Pharrell X MissyX Teeyana, Beck Video, Doom, and Megan Fox...Megan Fox...

New Beck Video!


Markets Close @ Lowest Levels Since 1997..Don't mean to bum you out... [TPM]

Video: Jeff Bezos CEO of unveils the 'Kindel 2'..The IPOD for Books..I'm in.. [ZDNET]


On a Lighter Note..

T.I. X Trapaholics - Gone Til November Mixtape [Hip-Hop DX Stream + 2DB DL]

Missy Elliot ft. Pharrell & Teeyana Taylor - Put it On You [Discobelle + DL Link]

Diz Gibran - Stereo [ZSHARE via UPONTHINGZ]

Supra TUF Red Cruizer..On my list of hype sh__ [CTOTHEJL]

An ever so slight peek @ Beyonce's Nipple [Bastardly]

MF DOOM - Lightworks (prod J. Dilla)[Stream/DL]

New Alife Everybody Mids [Mashkulture]

Camron - I Used To Get it in Ohio [Missinfo]

Video: Hip-Hop Official X Wale pt 2. [Youtube]

Mick Boogie X Terry Urban interview N.A.S.A [Pressplayshow Podcast]

Video: Bow Wow - You Can Get it All (Uses sample of TLC Song) with DIZNEE From Smooth!(DAAAMMN)[On Smash]

U2, Coldplay, Killers on the same stage to benefit War Child [SPIN]

Video: K'NAAN on the Necessity of Black History Month [MTV]

Asher Roth X Kid Cudi @ Famous Stars & Straps Magic 09 Afterparty @ Pure in LV [Youtube]

GQ X Megan FOX ...Drooling.......still Drooling [GQ]

Well Since DCMA has pulled my last 2 logs without explaining why...I'm sure for no absolute reason this one will get pulled as well... so..enjoy while you can..

Drake - Eighty81 Interview

'The biggest thing since Pokemon' speaks on his music, his career, rap and his art, the music biz, and other topics...Not familiar?...Get...Familiar!

Interesting: 'Perfect Song'? 'Produced by Kanye w/ Me, Kanye, and Andre 3000' ..really..? This guy is not what you might immediately interpret him to be based off his music...Check his Blog.

If you haven't downloaded Drizzy's So Far Gone Mixtape your officialy under a rock. Its been downloaded several hundred thousand times..including maybe a couple thousand right here from this blog...

thanks to Eighty81

Quest - Dont Ever Go

Another inbox special... The kid quest is becoming a ubiquitous attendee of my blog..Another leak off a mixtape I'm actually quite interested in ...'Distant Travels into Soul Theory' (dope title huh?) coming March 2nd.. Shouts to Quest for shooting this my way..

Not sure of the song Quest is spittin over here...but I'm feelin it...freshness!!! Some classic soul/funk/blues joint. The pic above is fitting..

Quest - Dont Ever Go

Brandun De Shay: Vol 2. 'For the Show'

Just getting back to my blog....Brandun just dropped this one in my box..Haven't heard it yet, but I'm sure its worth your time.... I'll be updating this post after I listen to it, but for now...

Update: DOOOPENESSS!.... The kid is a talent... You need to hip yourself...

The tape features the kid Brandun flowin over the likes of classic Mark Ronson, Flying Lotus, Dilla, and some of his own productions...

Brandun Deshay: Vol 2. 'For the Show'

Not sure...Go back and check out his first tape....

Brandun De Shay : One For the Money Mixtape

Monday, February 23, 2009

SPZSHIP - New Music Monday! 02/16-22/09

Video: A Suite for Ma Dukes Last Night..

Last night in L.A. a 40 piece Orchestra, some of hip-hops greatest artists, the family of J. Dilla, and a lot of appreciative hip-hop fans assembled for a music spectacular all to celebrate the art one J.Dilla. At the end of the night though the story was the struggles of Dilla's mom Ma Dukes and how the art community is working to provide support for Dilla's family through the celebration of his music and his legacy.

Thanks to Blind I and Dert

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Twitter News: Diplo X Kelis + Mickey Factz EP

^is = it^

2 twitter updates that caught my eye this weekend...

Video: K-Os - 4, 3, 2, 1

Let me repeat myself.... K-Os(Knowledge of Self) is playing on his own field.. One of my favorite artists in music.

Off his new album Yes!

Previous>>>> K-OS - Astronaut X The Ave X Zambony

You can see some classic K-Os videos (to jog your memory @ the greatness that is K-Os) on the other side of this post..

^classic ish^

...Read more

Supreme Spring/Summer 09

Spring/Summer 09 Supreme...more @ Cadmus

Video: Kid Cudi - Day 'n' Nite Live (Dogg After Dark)

Kicking off my Sunday posts....