Saturday, February 14, 2009

Blu - HerFavoriteColo(u)r Mixtape

Blu Herfavoritecolo(u)r Mixtape
Text ^^ added by herfavoriteblogg(e)r

Blu dropped this one today via his Myspace Blog and his link is busted, but no worries I got you... Fittingly (based on the music) he chose Valentines day to drop it and guessing by the pic hes got a new love (Nikki Jean..At least it looks like her...Nikki is bomb as ____) . All tracks produced by Blu(kids a beast on the production tip)... and now a word from Blu..


ProducedByMe. '

Thanks Blu...

and the Tracklist:

01 - Love
02 - Amnesia
03 - Since
04 - Morning
05 - Melo <---lmao @ the intro.. 06 - Wind(terludeOne) 07 - When(terludeTwo) 08 - Silent 09 - Pardon <---Nice.. 10 - Vanity 11 - Beggars'/BlackGold 12 - Celln'Ls 13 - Untiled(LovedU)2 14 - Peace Blu - Herfavoritecolo(u)r Mixtape (34.24 mb) link since zshare killed the first one!

Blu - Since
Blu - Amnesia ...Blu v. Billie Holiday

and a whole bunch of other Blu posts...

Blind I for the Kids: Love is Blind Mixtape

Done with the Valentines day music? Just one more I swear... The good folks over @ Blind I for the Kids give us another Valentines day mixtape.. Enjoy!

Love is Blind Mixtape

Valentines Throwback Video: Common - I Want You

'Hope the Stars and the Gods align me and you'

Some Bunny Loves You (Vday Mixtape) by Melo-X & Roxy Cottontail

I'm sucker for any mixtape thats actually mixed by real djs and filled with good music. This one is for all you lovers out there on a day for you. And if your single like me... Well this will make you feel even more loserish..

Some Bunny Loves You

F___ V DAY!


Friday, February 13, 2009

Drake - Uptown (OG Version w/Lil Wayne's Hook) ft. Lil Wayne & Bun B.

So just when you thought you were beyond the Drake Mixtape saga.... Ben Baller gives us a listen to the OG Version of Uptown with Lil Wayne on the hook.. A waaay better hook may I add... And than you come here and an mp3 link magically appears..

^The version I uploaded off the Mixtape^

^The OG Version Ben Baller Uploaded^

Drake - Uptown (OG Version)

And.. it seems that this was the track that held up the release...They were still workin on it..

LMAO..'The Biggest thing since Pokemon'

Kaws @ Honor Fraser in Los Angeles Feb 21 - April 4th

Kaws Los Angeles Show

I'm there.


Previous <<<>>> Video: Kaws on CBS Sunday Morning

The Kickdrums - Just a Game EP (Trailer)

Can't wait for this one....

Previous<<<>>> The Kickdrums - 'Smash the System' Mixtape

Video: Puma X Undefeated Release

So you want the Puma X Undefeated kicks? Good Luck.. This was the scene @ Undefeated on La brea...

Thanks to Soleblvd


Pharrell rocking the gold Puma X Undefeated kicks

Puma X Undefeated available Feb 7th

Item of the Week #9: Vans Hi

Christian Hosoi Vans Hi

Crooks X Vans

Huf X Vans Hi

Vans Hi Owen

Christian Hosoi Vans Sk8 Hi

Chukka Boot Black Leather

Vans Snake Skin Hi

This week I decided to focus on the best change up kick in the biz... Vans Hi.. With all their great recent releases Vans has really branched out from the skate genre with a more mainstream style aesthetic I'm feelin. Can't rock these on the daily, but when you need a great change up kick that can be rocked with some jeans and a tee or with something a little more formal... I suggest rocking a Vans Hi.. And on top of how fresh all the kicks are they kick every other sneaker company's as_ in the price department.


you can see some more after the jump..

Vans S/S 09 Silver Satin

Vans Visvim Logan

...Read more

Drake - So Far Gone Mixtape

It has arrived.. Drizzy's new mixtape via his October's Very Own blog..

Wanna find out how to market your mixtape? Study what Drake did here... Google search this in 12 hours and see what your results are....

Drake So Far Gone Mixtape

It's here finally... Drake gives us waaay more auto-tune... Thanks Drizzy!*sarcastic smile...* and look its Omarion, Lloyd, and Trey Songz.. Drake is shooting for 106 & Park like a mug..

Wanna listen to it first?.. Play the whole thing on the other side..

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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Keys to the City L.A.: U-N-I (K.R.E.A.M Edition) @ Undefeated

'Even though we have phone bills to pay and rent to pay we splurge our money on some kicks' ... Who hasn't been there?...

New MTV Show: Dogg After Dark Feb 17th (Photos)

Pharrell in the Gold Puma X Undefeated kicks...Who else could rock those really?

All apart of Snoops new multi-platform deal with MTV.. The deal includes Snoops new talk show (Filmed @ Kress in Hollywood) premiering Feb 17th and a new album produced by Pharrell & Dr. Dre to be released via MTV... Doing it WAAAAAY Big!

The record is called 'Malice and Wonderland'..

Charles Hamilton - 'Well Isnt This Awkward' Mixtape

Charles Hamilton - Well Isnt That Awkward Mixtape Cover

Was waiting for this one... As usual with these, it seems, leaks have been coming out but the whole tape is here... But Charles decided to drop it the same night as Drake..unfortunate choice for Sonic..

Charles Hamilton - Well Isnt This Awkward Mixtape

Sonic sits down with DJ Skee to discuss the concept behind the mixtape..

Approx 10hrs till Drake's So Far Gone Mixtape... The Build Up

Ben Baller's Itunes with all the tracks

I think these guys have done a damn good job in the build up to this Mixtape which everybody and their moms are waiting for here... the strange thing is most of these records have leaked, but still through blog posts and picking and choosing what songs to leak Drake and Ben Baller have managed to turn what was an anticipated tape into one people are going to be constantly hitting Drake's Blog a gazillion times today for...

So heres the current update...

Ben Baller Drops these videos of him playing the Bun B joint with Drake's Engineer 40...

and Drake gives us these images...

Drake Smokin that 'Ghostface Killah'

Mixing the record

Back of Mixtapewith Tracklist

and some random pictures of Mia from one of my favorite shows 'Californication'...Don't know about his taste in females though...

Shepard Fairey X Charlie Rose Interview

I saw the end of this interview last week. Heres the whole clip.. Charlie Rose generally gives a good interview.

Skee TV: Asher Roth and free stuff @ the Grammy Suite Part 2

Check for Ashers wardrobe at the end...lmao!

'Do you know how many shirts I have with like...sprinkly shi_ on it now'...

Trailer: Quentin Tarantino's 'Inglourious Basterds' Starring Brad Pitt

This looks like the next Oscar award Quentin Tarantino never gets the respect he deserves.. I'm a student of history and I've never heard a story like this, but I'm definitely going to be in the theater for this one. But Brad Pitt's acting...? Seems a little cheesy...

And yeah its spelled 'Inglourious Basterds'.. ?..I wonder how Germans will take this movie?

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Return of the Bad Guy 2 - Eminem (Mixtape)

Pretty damn good mixtape coming from Shady/Aftermath Courtesy of DJ White Owl...Don't get too excited nothing new here but if you haven't been following Em through his career you probably will not have heard many/most of the tracks here...uncut rawnesss... Should wet your appetite for the 2 albums hes supposedly dropping this year...

01. Intro
02. Kiss My Ass (Feat. 50 Cent)
03. Step Up
04. Crack A Bottle (Feat. Dr.Dre & 50 Cent)
05. The Relapse
06. Shady
07. One Day (Feat. 50 Cent)
08. Who Want It (Feat. 50 Cent)
09. Go 2 Sleep
10. There They Go
11. Crack Smoke
12. Exclusive
13. Gun In Your Grill
14. Freestyle
15. Bitch Rappers
16. The Cancer
17. Bus A Rhyme
18. Homicide
19. I’m Crazy
20. Freestyle
21. Bitches Ain’t Shit
22. Dre Freestyle
23. Foodstamps
24. Get U Mad
25. Quitter
26. Hit Em’ Up
27. Takeover
28. Psycho’s
29. Extacy
30. Get Down 2 Business
31. Revalation
32. Fight Music
33. Bad Influence
34. My Gun
35. Drug’s R Bad
36. Our House
37. Turn Me Loose
38. U Don’t Know Me
39. Things I Hate
40. Pistol Poppin’
41. She’s The One
42. Hail Mary (Feat. 50 Cent)
43. Kim (Classic)

Return of the Bad Guy 2 - EM

Estelle - Star X Superstition(Stevie Wonder) Cover


Nice Track from Estelle.... Another late night running through some tracks and catching up to emails and messages... Not really my steez but I can play it a couple of times... The ladies will probably love it though.. And I just got this Superstition(Stevie Wonder) Cover..

Estelle - Star

Superstition Cover

Available Now @ Colette

Vans X Huf Sk8 Hi

US Teddy jacket

tom Ford Light Grey Aviator Sunglasses

Original Fake Heart Tee

YSL Upside Down Eiffel Tower Tee

Woolrich Zip Vest'

Viktor X Rolf Teddy Jacket

Available now @ Colette

Enough..? More Hypeness on the other side...

Black Cardigan Hood

Neckface Thrasher Tee

Puma Undefeated

Original Fake V-Neck

Original Fake Pocket Shirt

Osklen Surf Shorts

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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Kid Cudi - Can I Be (Prod. Ryan Leslie?...)

Kid Cudi X Ryan Leslie

A track from Cudi thats 2 months old but is hitting the blogs now... Supposedly produced by Ryan leslie, but.... I'm not sold.

Kid Cudi - Can I Be

Heres the video of Ryan Leslie producing a track for Cudi (Notice the keys? than listen to the track above)

The lovely h.e.r with the Twitter hookup

Update: LCD Soundsystem - Someones Great .. thanks Pigeons & Planes

Video: The Dream - Rockin That Thang

You can't knock The Dream... The Guy Can write a great radio/club friendly R&B Track...

Clae Spring 09

Clae Cousteau

Clae Kennedy

Clae Miles and Diego

Clae Romare Hi and Parker

Clae Romare and Mcqueen

Clae Thompson

Clae killin em again in the Spring.. Nothing major from their Spring 09 but I'm feelin these so hard...