Saturday, February 7, 2009

Kid Cudi - Stoner Charm Mixtape

Kid Cudi Stoner Charm Mixtape

Looking for the ultimate Kid Cudi Mixtape with a bunch of recent Cudi Releases...? Than this right here is that 'new new' Mixtape that should do the trick for you...

1. Stoner Charm Intro
2. Chip tha Ripper - Ask About Me ft. KiD CuDi
3. Chip that Ripper - Can't Stop Me ft. KiD CuDi
4. KiD CuDi - Catch Up
5. KiD CuDi - Dat New New
6. Santogold - Find A Way ft. KiD CuDi
7. Kanye West - Paranoid G.O.O.D Music Remix ft. Big Sean, Mr. Hudson & KiD CuDi
8. KiD CuDi - Embrace the Martian (Round Table Knights Remix)
9. Jackie Chain - Rollin ft. KiD CuDi <--Sick with it..
10. KiD CuDi - XXL Freestyle <--- Sounds like Ye right here
11. 88 Keys - Wasting My Minutes ft. KiD CuDi <---88keys collabs were great
12. 88 Keys - Ho is Short for Honey ft. KiD CuDi <--My fav track on 88keys Album
13. KiD CuDi - Can I Be
14. Alchemist - Therapy ft. Evidence, Blue, Talib Kweli & KiD CuDi
15. KiD CuDi & Asher Roth - Freestyle Jam
16. KiD CuDi - I Wanna Love You Girl Remix (live from studio)
17. KiD CuDi - Super Boo <--I like this track..Kinda cheesy but I like it
18. KiD CuDi - London Girls
19. KiD CuDi - Paper Planes Freestyle
20. Kid Cudi - Biggest Grinder
21. K. Sparks - Take Em High ft. KiD CuDi
22. KiD CuDi - Love Stoned
23. KiD CuDi - Day N Night Remix ft. Collie Buddz
24. KiD CuDi - Swagger Like Us (Live Freestyle)

Kid Cudi - Stoner Charm

Rhettmatic - J.Dilla (Mini-Megamix) Whatupdoe!!??


Happy B. Day Dilla!!

Rhettmatic - J.Dilla (Mini-Megamix)

Ben Baller X Drake - So Far Gone Mixtape Mini-preview

Drake playing his 'So Far Gone' Mixtape for Ben Baller right after recieving some ridiculously iced out G-Shock from the dude..

Drake and Ben Baller

With the Moncler Down Vest... I gotta get one of those..

spotted = Ben Baller

tracklist + addtl clip on the other side...

Lust For Life (prod. 40/40)
Successful f. Trey Songz
Sooner Than Later
November 18th
Unstoppable (rmx) f. Santogold & Lil Wayne
Little Bit f. Lykke Li
Ignorant Shit f. Lil Wayne
A Night Off f. Lloyd (prod. 40/40)
The Best I Ever Had (prod. boi-1da)
Uptown “…they just lose to love its a tennis game baby….”
Feels Too Good (prod. boi-1da)

Riding in the car playing 'Ignorant Shit'....

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Artist Spotlight - Ears

Ears Myspace Pic

For my 2nd artist spotlight in the new series I want to bring you the up and coming production talent that goes by the name Ears out of Sweden.. Ears is making his way in the biz by producing for up and coming artists and is now naturally a primary go to guy for the RMH... After listening to some of his beats I gotta say hes one to watch. His style seems to be J. Dilla meets Sweden meets Pre Graduation Kanye West.. Interestingly enough he doesn't seem to do that Electrohop thing thats so big out there right now.. The guy has talent on the boards... Maybe not Avant-Garde anymore.. But supremely dope so its a no brainer your gonna be hearing his beats all over the place soon.. So today I bring you some beats to munch on.. Thank me later.

Ears - Ajusted<--can't believe no one has bought that yet...Wooooo..

Ears - Goodmourning

Ears - Rize

More @ Ears v. Soundclick

Retro Super Future Spring 2009 - Translucent Wayfarer

Retrosuperfuture Blue Translucent Wayfarer

Retrosuperfuture Red Translucent Wayfarer

I like these... I'm not a fan of just stealing someone elses design and calling it your own and than charging out the ass for it, but these are a modification I can dig.

More @ Retrosuperfuture

Hundreds Spring 09'

Hundreds Spring 09 Tee

Hundreds Spring 09 Basball Longsleeve

Hundreds Spring 09 Flannel

Hundreds Spring 09 Hoodie

more pics via Mashkulture

Friday, February 6, 2009

Blu - Amnesia ..Blu v. Billie Holiday ...

Blu - Amnesia

Blu = Best Rapper in the game right now .

I gotta say I'm a sucker for Great lyricists using jazz samples so I was instantly sold on this one. This one is Blu over a loop of Billie Holiday's 'Am I blue'..

Blu - Amnesia

Wale & Mark Ronson on Notorious B.I.G

True true... Sooo many records to name from the dude that I still play on the regular...

Tokin Black Guy = Produced by Kanye or Kanye's Alter Ego or New G.O.O.D Artist?

Kanye West X Tokin Black Guy

So have you heard the rumors going around about this artist going by the name Tokin Black Guy.... Well it seems bloggers and internet nerds all over were starting to think there maybe a Lupe/Japanese Cartoon type thing going down(utter nonsense since the guy sounds nothing like Ye)... Next the rumor was that he was a new artist being produced by YE(listening to these tracks if I were Ye I'd be open to taking credit), which Kanye's spokesperson has just called 'totally bogus' (via Spin)... And now the rumor is he is close to signing to G.O.O.D music.. Well whatever the case is I thought his music was crazy dope and you needed and deserved to hear it.. So Tada!

Tokin Black Guy - Body Clock <--this is just retarded!!

Tokin Black Guy - Turn My Music High<--next level ish!

FAT Spring/Summer 09 Collection

Those Tokyo kids over @ FAT give us their dooope S/S 09 colleciton featuring the 'Venteux' windrunner, 'Gilet' Vest, 'Crunch' Sweater, and their new contribution to my Sunglass game.. 'The Octagon'...

FAT Gilet Vest

FAT Octagon Sunglasses

FAT Venteux Windrunner

Gotta move fast cause this stuff is flying to sold out....

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Y-3 Spring/Summer Honja High

One thing I love about Y-3 is Yohji Yamamoto's design aesthetic... Simple(I say that a lot), clean, flashy and wearable... Thats my type of ish..

Video: Raphael Saadiq - 100 yd Dash

I need a Raphael Saadiq album 'Like the deserts miss the rain'....Directed by Maurice Marable

Diddy TV: A message to the DJ ... Good Job Diddy!

Gotta give this one a whole post.... Diddy knows whats up... Much appreciated Puff!

BTW.... Watch Diddy & Terry Richardson on the other side..

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Undefeated X Puma High Avail. Feb 7th

Undefeated X Puma Collab Sneaker

Available Feb 7th @ Undefeated in store at 10am online at 3p.

Red Colorway

all the other colorways on the other side...

Black Colorway

White Colorway

Blue Colorway


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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Pharrell X Nylon TV + Nylon Guys Cover March 2009

Video from the Nylon Guys Cover shoot.. Pharrell chops it up on growing up, Sneakers, Life and other ish.. Damn it! What glasses are those?? Email address is located there-->

Pharrell X Nylon Guys Cover

Previous: Pharrell + Nylon TV Interview 2009 New Years Resolution

Solange Knowles - Sandcastles Blk X Blu Remix (prod Machine Drum) ft. Theophilus London

Solange and Theophilus London

Theophilus dropped this one via Twitter .. A remix of Solange's 'Sandcastles' with great Machine Drum on the remix. Definitely give that one a listen...

Solane - Sandcastles Blk X Blu remix(prod Machine Drum) ft. Theophilus link.

Lykke Li - Can I Kick It (Tribe Called Quest)

Chick likes hip-hop... Lykke does this number @ Webster Hall a couple nights ago..

See Previous: Video: Lykke Li - Husltin (Rick Ross)

Exile - Chops Up Funky Worm (Ohio Players)

Fresh. Almost as good as what Kanye does with it on the other side...

I just threw this in cause this post made me remember how dope this beat was.. I gota pull that instrumental out of the vault.. That 'Allure' beat by Pharrell is one of the best I've ever heard..

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Video: Michael Dupouy X BKRW on 'All Gone 2008'

BKRW sits down with Michael Dupouy (Creator of 'All Gone') of LA MJC to discuss his 'All Gone' 2008 Book.

previous All Gone 2008 Book Available Now

S-Preme - Clear ..Freaking Amazing!

S-preme - Clear

This right here is bananas! Using a Radiohead sample, Amplive (from Zion I) creates this amazing soundscape while S-preme kicks existential raps with emotional, sublime and heartfelt verses. the track is dark and has a very Radiohead meets Linkin Park meets Bay Area Hyphy feel.. You even get some auto-tune(Woohoo).. Very freaking cool..

S-preme 'Clear'

thanks to Gowhere Hip-hop

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Video: Pittsburgh Slim - My Bitch is Crazy

I ain't gonna lie I never heard of dude before I saw this.. Its one of those I might have heard him and totally forgot cause it wasn't that interesting type of things.. This ish is quite club ready..

Video: Blue Scholars X Vimby

Blue Scholars rep my hometown properly.. Its so great to see dudes who artistically rep Seattle on the hip-hop tip... Its always bubblin in the 206.. BTW makin music in a basement on bootleg software... Is their any way better to make music?? They speak on their music, Seattle's WTO protests(which I was there for), Activism.

previous: Video: Blue Scholars - Coffee and Snow + The Ave

Mick Boogie & De Notes Present: Mae Day - Cherish the Day (Mae/Sade Mixtape)

Mick Boogie & De Notes Presents: Mae Day - Cherish The Day

This came my way via Mick Boogie this morning. I love Sade... I'm male and I'm not afraid to admit it. 'Cherish the Day' is an all time favorite.. I grew up on this stuff.. So when I saw this I thought ok I'm gonna like this, but now I love this.. The tape is basically Mae Day rapping over looped Sade tracks, but its done with class and its thematic conscious. I gotta show love to creative young ladies doing their thing and Mae did it quite well on this one. I had seen Mae on imeem before, but never took the time to check her music.. Note for the future.. gotta give em a listen.

check out Mae Day

1. Maeday Maeday! (Fear)
2. DJ (Same Song) (King of Sorrow)
3. Hold On (Nothing Can Come Between Us)
4. Crime (Is It A Crime)
5. Give It All (Give It Up)
6. Jezzebelle (Jezzebel)
7. Sweetest Taboo (Sweetest Taboo)
8. No Ordinary Love (No Ordinary Love)
9. Still Love H.I.M. (Your Love Is King)
10. Keep Looking (Keep Looking)
11. Cherish the Day (Cherish The Day)

Mae Day - Cherish the Day

New A-trak Mix CD: Infinty +1

DJ A-Trak Infinity +1

Its coming soon...Just anounced by A-trak.. 2 years + since the Amaaazing Dirty South Dance.

Infinity +1 Tour

Infinity +1 Tour Dates

Reebok Alien Stomper Black/Gold

Reebok Alien Stomper

I'm getting into Reebok this year.. Black Suede and perf leather is the biz right now.. Mettalic Gold tongue!... So clean.. I can imagine so many ways to rock this.

available @ Atmos

Cassette Wallets


Mmmmh Now get me a Black, Red, and Green Bambatta Tape and we're in business..

New Music Monday!

On Tuesday!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Hollyweerd X Vimby

Theres something in that water or those chicken and waffels out there in ATL with all these great creative artists coming out of there... Proton, Donnis, Hollyweerd, Jannelle Monae and so on and so on.. Its such a breath of fresh air relative to all the bull coming out of New York and MIA.... Than these cats on the east wonder why the south comes out runnin ish.... Well I wasn't too hip to Hollyweerd until I was introduced a little while back... If you want to know more Vimby does what they do!

Video: Chester French - She Loves Everybody

Gotta love Chester French! Glad to see they finally released a video.

Dub MD & Illmind Presents "Blaps, Rhymes & Life Vol. 2"

Blaps, Rhymes, and life

Waking up late on a Monday morning... Did I mention I love getting music sent to me, especially when its dope??.. This is exactly what I needed to kick off my week... A free mixtape from Dub Md & Illmind..

I'll let them explain....

"The official "Blaps, Rhymes & Life" mixtape series is back! Dub MD and super producer Illmind re-connect for a second time to bring you another exclusive free mixtape project, "Blaps, Rhymes & Life Vol. II" is a 22 track digi-zip packed full of classic illmind production. This time around the mixtape features established artists such as 50 Cent, Eminem, Scarface, Talib Kweli and Heltah Skeltah, as well as featuring a whole host of up and coming artists from the likes of Bambu, Megaciph, Above Ave and Grynch just to list a few.

Illmind is also set to release a couple of studio albums in 2009 with the debut LP from his group Fortilive(SPZSHIP: Fortlive is the ish!) consisting of emcees Mushmouf and Slo-Mo, the project will be dropping sometime in 2009 via Myx Music. Also lookout for his up coming new instrumental album which is due for release this year aswell, for more information and updates, check out and

Also be on the lookout for Dub MD dropping some new artist mixtapes in 2009, as he collaborates once again with Nametag for the follow up to "Classic Cadence Vol. 1" with Volume 2. Along with releasing projects with a posse of emcees including Spectacula, Access Immortal, Cyrano aka Cy Yung, Zero Star, Junesflow and more, keep it locked!"

01.) Mic Legacy - Larry Davis (Produced by Illmind)
02.) D-Black - Hold Up (Gangsta Shit) (Produced by Illmind)
03.) 50 Cent - Who Run It (feat. Eminem, Cashis & Lloyd Banks) (Produced by Illmind)
04.) Heltah Skeltah - So Damn Tuff (feat. Buckshot & Ruste Juxx) (Produced by Illmind)
05.) Scarface - It's Not A Game (Produced by Illmind)
06.) Thoth - MA To The West (feat. Oh No) (Produced by Illmind)
07.) Naps N Dreds - Bully! (feat. Kool G Rap) (Produced by Illmind)
08.) Diamond D - Don't Beg (Produced by Illmind)
09.) Pumpkinhead - Of The Same Air (feat. Talib Kweli) (Produced by Illmind)
10.) Fortilive - Trunk Pop Music (Produced by Illmind)
11.) Project Heights - Champion (feat. Rakaa Iriscience & Noelle Scaggs) (Produced by Illmind)
12.) Sleek - Hi New Orleans (Produced by Illmind)
13.) Che Grand - Streets (Produced by Illmind)
14.) Starrs & Murph - Damn (Produced by Illmind)
15.) Bambu - Quit (Produced by Illmind)
16.) Above Ave - Root Of All Evil (Wake Up) (Produced by Illmind)
17.) Grynch - A Dream Undeferred (Produced by Illmind)
18.) Kingdom (The Movement) (Swaggerboy, Kilo & Problem Child) - Heartache (Produced by Illmind)
19.) Naturel - Love To The World (Produced by Illmind)
20.) Blitzkrieg (Bee Lavish, Quayluds, D-Minus & Contra) - Ruling Elite (Produced by Illmind)
21.) Megaciph - War (Produced by Illmind)
22.) Mister RP - Diamonds Aren't Enough (Produced By Illmind)

Blaps, Rhymes & Life

Thanks to Dub MD for shooting this over.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

El Prez - Hammerman (Live) + Perfect Strangers EP

This track is Filthy! Great remix off El Prez and Dale Danja's Perfect Stranger's EP... which also features Convinced, Tunji(of Inverse), Chris Focus, Shawn Chrystopher, DNEZ & C-San..

freeload: El Prez - Hammerman

El Prez and Dale Danja Perfect Strangers EP
great cover

you can download the EP

EL Prez X Dale Danja - Perfect Strangers EP

Performance and download via: Hip Hop Official

Item of the Week #8: Issey Miyake TO Watch

Issey Miyake TO Black on Black

Issey Miyake TO Black w/Silver Face

Issey Miyake Silver Stainless

Cant ___k with Issey Miyake cologne although I know all you cats out their own bottles, but I'm definitely on these Watches.. Simple, unique, minimalist, FREEEESSSSH..

price: $379-479

Trailer: Land of the Lost ft. Will Farrell

I just saw this, the Star Trek trailer, and the Angels & Demons (Da Vinci Code Sequel)trailer during the Superbowl.... two words... HEEEEELLLLLLL YESSSSSSSS! Will Ferrell + Anchorman = 1 of my favorite movies all time.

Wale - (Donaeo) Warrior Freestyle

Wale - Warrior Freestyle

Semtex is doing his thing... Helping US acts like Kid Cudi and Wale crossover into the UK/European market... This one from the new Interscope signee Wale is dope. Wale goes over the UK's own Donaeo and his 'Warrior' banger.

Wale - Warrior Freestyle

Ron Browz - Jumping Out the Window


DJ Mehdi - January 2009 Mix

Dj Mehdi Ed Banger Records

Ed Banger's own Dj Mehdi gives a new mix for the new year.... Freshnessss!

DJ Mehdi Jan 2009 Mix

btw... cool blog