Saturday, January 17, 2009

Mike Shinoda the DJ? ... Ableton Live Mix

Mike Shinoda Mix

Ever the artist...Mike Shinoda dropped this mix using Ableton Live Software via Pretty dope I've been listening to it and I gotta say I really like mixes like this. When the artist just reaches and does what the hell they feel like artistically....more specifically the mix includes:

Pearl Jam - Jeremy
Depeche Mode - Never Let Me Down
Wu Tang Clan - C.R.E.A.M.
Green Day - Wake Me Up When September Ends
Fugazi - Cashout
Method Man - Bring The Pain
Cypress Hill - How I Could Just Kill A Man
One Day As A Lion - Wild International
Boogie Down Productions - Illegal Business
Above The Law - Murder Rap
Nine Inch Nails -Ghosts 1, Track 7
Mobb Deep - Shook Ones Pt. 2
The D.O.C. - Funky Enough
LL Cool J - Boomin System
Simple Minds - Don't You Forget About Me
Cool Kids - That'll Work
Radiohead - Reckoner
Tribe Called Quest - Push It Along
Nas - The World Is Yours (demo version accapella)

Mike Shinoda Mix

Btw his Glorious Excess ish is seriously fresh.. I'm still heated I missed the showing when it was here in L.A. Check that out.

Brooklyn Projects SB's

Brooklyn Projects Nike Sb's
Laker colored Sb's always a winner

New SB's from Brooklyn Projects... Looks like denim w/suede uppers..

and more Gucci Colored joints on the market..

SPZSHIP Favorites #1: Crustation - Purple (J-Dilla Remix)

Jay Dilla

I've been playing this all day, which means this was the shoe in for the first SPZSHIP favorites. I will be using this post to post music that I feel best reflects the ethos of this blog. Songs that uplift, empower, and stimulate. Thats exactly what this Crustation X Dilla track does. I believe music has a power that science just hasn't managed to capture quite yet and this song hit me like a wave when I first heard it. I obviously knew about Dilla and had heard some of Dilla's remixes but this track off Dilla's

was something else.. The simplicity of the beat hides the depth of the tracks nuance. Just hit play...


Crustation - Purple (Ummah remix)

Hip Hop Official: K'NAAN - America (live) + Interview

This is sooo dope to me....

On the other side is the Hip-Hop Official Interview with K'NAAN...Dude recorded his new album 'Troubador', coming out Feb 24th, @ Bob Marley's house...Very interesting interview mos def check that out!

K'NAAN influenced by RAKIM? I can see it...

Recorded in Tuff Gong Studio's @ Bob's House...

...Read more

Jay-Z - Whats in a Name X Nothing But Love (Demo)

Jay-Z - Whats in a Name X Nothing But Love

I've been listening to the 'Brooklyn Bullshit' Mixtape by DJ Mike Nice, that I was seriously looking forward to, and as great as its been to listen to all these great demos from 4 of Hip-Hops most legendary artists there were 2 tracks I've been playing over and over and I felt deserved some serious highlight treatment. The first is Jigga's 'Whats in a Name'... On this track H.O. goes in on an exceedingly simple beat(by todays standards) lyrically tying in the names of other great hip-hop acts at the time like Large Professor, Lord Finesse, Tribe Called Quest and some of their records and at one point in particular he says 'It aint hard (to tell)' a subtle shout to Nas whom he would later sample on 'Dead Presidents'. Jay raps this record strictly referencing some rap highlights at the time. Jay shows off his emphasis on flawless execution and unwillingness to be intermittently lazy on the lyrical side like some MCs.

Jay-Z - Whats in a Name(Demo)

The 2nd record is the 'Nothing But Love' Demo with Sauce Money and all i can say is this is a serious gem. Sure thing this has been floating around, but you just gotta hear it. Amazing.

Jay-Z - Nothing But Love ft. Sauce Money


ZSHARE WARNING: If your download doesn't work the first time always refresh and try again.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Video: Jessie Boykins III - Pantyhose

I was gonna post Jeezy's 'President is Black', but your gonna see that all over the net in a couple of hours and so instead I decided to post the new video from young Jessie Boykins the III for his cut 'Pantyhose'.. I had heard this on his blog JB3 a few months ago and I gotta say this track is quite player... And I'm feeling quite player @ the moment so ... enjoy!

Undefeated Sale 30% Off

Undefeated Sale

Had enough of all the Sales?


HUF Sale 40-50% off

HUF Sale

Starts tomorrow!


TV: Shepard Fairey on Stephen Colbert

Thanks to Supertouch...Gotta cop that Obey Book.

Pacific Division - She ft. Tiron (Snippet)

Pacific Division - She ft. Tiron

Man, this track is gonna kill the game when it comes out in full...Vimby? Can we get this Mixtape already? I need some new Cadi music!

Yeah I wasn't gonna post this, buuuuut.....Y'all know I'm bullsh___in...I've been trying to get my hands on this sh-- for 2 weeks now...And this will have to do for now..enjoy...

Pacific Division - She ft. Tiron

Bangladesh - Hit That ft. M.I.A + How You Feel (Drop) ft. Muffy

Bangladesh Passport Music Mixtape Hosted by Don Cannon

So I listened to the whole Passport Music Mixtape today from Bangladesh (Mr. Milli) and there were 2 tracks that were obvious stand outs... Hit That which is Bangladesh going over the track he produced for M.I.A and How You Feel(Drop). I had heard Muffy before and wasn't really feelin any of her a ghetto M.I.A.., but she sounded kinda right on this track. Trust me the rest of it wasn't worth the download...The rest of the tracks bored me....

Bangladesh - Hit That ft. M.I.A

Bangladesh - How You Feel(Drop) ft. Muffy

Crooks & Castles Spring 2009 Lookbook

Crooks & Castles Spring 2009

The Crooks are back with their Spring 2009 lookbook including some new pieces of mention... It seems with the Spring line they were looking for more Sunset than Normandie if you know what I mean. I fux with both Sunset and More grown indeed. Some new Sunglasses I'm diggin hard on and Crooks is doing Collared Button ups? And of course some new Cut and Sew and New era fitteds. Thats what I'm talkin bout. I'm feelin some of this stuff major!

You already know Crooks has that heat! And the lookbooks are always fresh...The background music is player for real..

Crooks Spring 2009 Lookbook

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Diddy Confessional: Talks about 2pac and Biggie, Biggie wasn't supposed to be in L.A.!

LA Confessional .. the day BIG got shot...

Diddy talks about how BIG wasn't supposed to be in L.A. on the day he was shot and his memory of what happened on that day. In the videos after the jump he talks about Pac being shot and Biggie and Pacs friendship...Also..Diddy makes his pitch to the Academy..

Part 2 Big and Pac

Part 3 more Biggie and Pac

Part 4 Diddy's push to the Acadamy...Don't know if that ones gonna happen Puff..

...Read more

Gorillaz - Electric Shock x Broken x Stylo/Binge

Gorrilaz Electric Shock, Broken, Stylo/Binge

Wow!..DJ Damon Albarn on BBC Radio 1, where he was guest DJing on the Zane Lane show, played these new Gorrilaz tracks and now they are here.... Supposedly these are demos, but I could seriously care less.. Dan the Automator is one brilliant guy.. Yezzir been waiting for some new Gorrilaz!..

Gorillaz - Electric Shock x Broken X Stylo/Binge = zip

Gorillaz - Broken

Gorillaz - Electric Shock

Gorillaz - Stylo/Binge

Jay-Z - Pass the Roc (Demo) via DJ Mike Nice

Jay-Z Pass the Roc Demo)

Wow..DJ Mike Nice releases an unheard Jay-Z Demo which will appear on his upcoming Mixtape 'Brooklyn Bullshit' dropping this week..per On Smash its gonna include some unheard records from Kool G. Rap, Jigga, Big Daddy Kane, and Sauce Money..WOW..Heads should be checkin for that one.

Jay-Z - Pass the Roc(demo)

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Nina Sky - In a Dream (Remix) ft. Don Cerino

Nina Sky - In a Dream ft. Don Cerino)

This is clearly a better version of the original...I like this track and I really like Nina Sky(look at that picture...of course I like Nina Sky)...

Nina Sky - In a Dream (rmx) ft. Don Cerino

Oh..Did you know one of the chics from Nina Sky DJs? I'm in love..

Daniel Merriweather - Change ft. Wale (Behind the Scenes)

I love this song.... Playing it like crazy.. Let me repeat myself.. I welcome the Ronsonization of hip hop.

U-N-I 'Monster' ft. Shawn Jackson prod. Jaguar Skils

U-N-I Monster...Speaking of Roscoes
Speaking of Roscoes^^ that Donnis clip made me hungry

U-N-I and Shawn Jackson...just download that...a preview of U-N-I's new Mick Boogie mixtape..

U-N-I 'Monster' ft. Shawn Jackson

thanks to Mick Boogie

Donnis X Vimby

Speaks on his music and who he is as an artist, the hipster thing and takes you to the Waffle house in ATL...I bet Roscoes and my Favorite Panns out here in LA will kick 'The Waffle House's ass'...that really wasn't necessary just a thought.

Franz Ferdinand - Dream Again

Franz Ferdinand Dream Again

I've been listening to Franz Ferdinand's new record this morning, and its pretty decent. As I was playing through the songs one really caught my attention. This song called 'Dream Again'.. It was clearly unique from all the other records. Sort of has this eerie feeling like what I get when I listen to Door's records. Check it out...

Franz Ferdinand Tonight

DCMA Takedown...sorry...there is that email address over there-->>

Ubiq X Atmos El Checker


Atmos X Ubiq

Ubiq is one of my favorite brands.....smell an item of the week?...And for this one they hooked up with retailer Atmos. These Ubiq kicks come in two colorways with a suede panel on top and a checker pattern on each side.. Ubiq has one of the newest and freshest shoe designs out there. In a market flooded with imitation and stunted by a lack of innovation Ubiq is definitely a stand out. For me these are like a breath of fresh air from all the multi color madness out in the sneaker world. The design is minimalist and clean. These are being sold @ Mischief for 14,700 yen or $165..

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

LMFAO - I'm in Miami (Jermaine Dupri Remix) + Livin the Life TV

LMFAO - I'm in Miami (Jermaine Dupri Remix)

Well hes out at Def Jam, but hes still one of the most talented and important people in the music world. And he still owns his So So Def imprint..And from this video and the other ones hes been releasing via Living the Life TV you wouldn't know anything was wrong...Even more interesting is the choice to remix LMFAO's club record 'I'm in Miami'(b**ch)..

Check out JD on his ousting from Def Jam via Global14

LMFAO - I'm in Miami B**_h(Jermaine Dupri Remix)...m4a

I got that mp3 for you tho

I'm in Miami B____ (JD Remix)

U-N-I: A Love Supreme Preview

U-N-I A Love Supreme Preview

U-N-I just launched their A Love Supreme preview page with some new music..Yothurz... as a prelude to their new highly anticipated album 'A Love Supreme' and a upcoming Mick Boogie Mixtape...Yonas(Just found out recently he was from Seattle..Gotta love that) and Thurz bring the heat.. Those guys make great music. Check it out...

A Love Supreme Cover

Some video of the Love Supreme Sound Session via Roblvd..

Jim Jones - Precious ft. Ryan Leslie

Jim Jones Precious ft. Ryanl Leslie

Jones drops a nice few bars on this joint..Little off beat, but its all good..very signature Ryan Leslie production...enjoy

and this little nugget..

'Every Obama needs a Michelle..Meechelle my Mell?' .. Capo...Belle..Its Belle.

Ryan Leslie

Jim Jones - Precious ft. Ryan Leslie

Thanks to Tapemasters

Consequence TV: Kanye Shows off his "Louis Vuitton Don' Shoe

Yeezy... 'The walking Hypebeast'..shows us all the features of his 'Louis Vuitton Don' shoe(thats the name people) on Cons TV... Gotta say after looking at it here it looks a lot more interesting than the pics that leaked....Still can't f__k with a white Louis Vuitton shoe(I'll be to busy trying to keep it honorable mention to Don C's red Leather Crystal..ok...I forgive Yeezy for the silly sh__ he said in Vibe...just keep makin that music...

Usher X Pharrell in the studio

Usher and Pharrell in the studio
Adam Levine ^^ of Maroon 5

I'm only posting this cause I want another 'U Don't Have to call' from Ursher...Ayo P can we get another

out of you? I still bump that track...

via BBC

Caliroots: Buy Vans get a Free pair of Shades..

Caliroots Free pair of Shades with Vans Sale

Planning on buying a new pair of Vans? Well get them at Caliroots because with every full price purchase of Van's footwear you get a free pair of shades, as pictured above^^. And they have one of the best collections of Vans products online..

Hit Caliroots Vans Store, make a purchase and enter in the number of the pair of sunglasses you want from the picture above in the message box @ checkout. Remember Caliroots prices are in Swedish Currency....Gotta get those Currency converters out..

Mickey Factz - Black Apple (prod. Whytebone)

Mickey drops this track in my inbox and well.....Frshness as usual from the guy....enjoy..


"I'm in the mood to inspire and invite everyone to check me out at my first headlining show at Sob's on the 21st of Jan! This is the theme music to that night: Live From The Black Apple!!!"

'Me and the internet...had some sex..but now I'm smokin a cigarette'

Mickey Factz - Black Apple

check out Mickey @ SOB's in NY on the 21st

Tech Pick: Sony Vaio P

Sony Vaio P

Sony's attempt to kill the Netbooks market. I'm gonna have to cosign this one...Sony unveiled this beaut @ CES last week and now more info and specs are hitting the tech geeks around the net...Gotta say I'm getting into these Netbooks, most definitely the wave of the future...lets run through the known shall we?..

8-inch screen 1600x768
1.4 lbs
LED Backlit Display
1.33 GHZ Intel Processor
128 GB Hard Drive
2 GB Ram
Integrated GPS Reciever + Voice Navigation
Wi-fi, Blutooth, and possibly 3g
built in - microphone, speakers, .3 megapixel webcam

more @ Electornista[Sony Vaio P]

retail: $900 (60GB), $1,200(64GB), $1,500(128GB)

Funny thing is it was billed as being so small it could fit into your pocket..Sony Vaio P(as in Pocket)...well not quite, but for real that would be to small...Some dorks in Japan have some fun with that...

Japanese Bloggers say Sony Vaio P doesn't quite fit right

Vans X Parra Pack

Parra Vans Pack

Pictures of the sneakers in this pack leaked last year but now pictures of the whole pack have leaked via Mashkulture and it includes matching tees.. This pack should hit stores in July @ Vans outlets and will include the Sk8 Hi's, eras, and the matching tees. Pretty dope..

you can see all the pics on the other side...

...Read more

Donnis - Thank You (Outkast Sh__)

Donnis - Thank You

Donnis's music has come accross my way mostly through Myspace and DJ Benzi..I always thought of Donnis as more party and dance type rap...This track changed the way I view Donnis and its for the better...There is still the dance element but lyrically this was him playing on new ground artistically..Sh__s FRESH..Give it a listen..

Donnis - Thank You (Outkast Sh__)

Monday, January 12, 2009

Nike Innovation Pack - MTV Europe Awards Nike Cortez

nike innovation pack mtve europe awards

These are pretty dope. These kicks were dropped at first only for the MTV Europe Awards but are now being made available to the public at large. And as usual I only seem to like things that are limited edition. There are only 72 Nike Innovation packs to be produced. And if thats not enough they are only coming in Liverpool size? One is made in the way of the OG Cortez(which is one of my favorite kicks) and the other is in the 09 Cortez with suede panels and Flywire technology like the Hyperdunk.

nike innovation pack

nike innovation pack mtv europe awards nike cortez

info via The Snobs