Thursday, May 28, 2009

Video >> Pharrell talks 'Hoppin Over Fences'

Pharrell talks about what influenced him in producing a record for Rob Drydek & Nino Scalia's new movie 'Street Dreams' called 'Hoppin Over fences' and how skateboarding influenced his style and approach to music...

A couple of points here...I'm so beyond my skateboarding days, but I can always appreciate the culture that developed around it back in the day and it still has an impact on my sense of creative thought...

I think I can definitely say one thing with certainty though...'Rob Drydek's Fantasy Factory' one of the most entertaining shows on TV in a long time..

Congrats to Phareal for making Fast Company's 100 most creative people in business(slotted @ 36..WOW!)...A lot of interesting people take a minute and be inspired..