Thursday, May 7, 2009

Eminem - Crack a Bottle [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

I'm not speaking on this Eminem album any more until I hear the whole thing...heres some of the official clip to his long since leaked/played on the radio all day record...'Crack a Bottle'..The full video drops later this month..I gotta say...3 swings at this and they all look like foul balls...I'm sure theres more on the album..


Stay Wide Awake

Some initial thoughts: if the records that have leaked, including these snippets from yesterday, are any indication I'm thinking this might be Em's first miss...I'm sure it'll sell, but thats not all that matters...There are artists in the Hip-hop game that have been doing this for waaaay longer than Em and never threw a bad record out there...Let alone the fact that Dre is producing a good chunk of this record...I don't know...