Sunday, May 17, 2009

Artist Spotlight: Chin Chin

El-p and Definitive Jux knew what they were doing when they signed these guys....Chin Chin are a Brooklyn, NY based former house band into making piano heavy soul/pop/funk/r&b/New wave/a bunch of other stuff that hits you with their laid back mix of keys and deep mezmerizing melodies and grooves. I was introduced to them via the video below, but have been listening to some of their other records...With the release of their new LP 'The Flashing, The Fancing' the group are winning fans across the musical spectrum..Take a minute to check them out ..I've provided you with some DL's for your listening pleasure..It also doesn't hurt that Def Jux gave me a shout for posting Chin Chin's video..

Chin Chin - Moments

Chin Chin - Go There With You

Chin Chin - GG & the Boys

DL/Stream/Buy 'The Flashing The Fancing' @ Definitive Jux

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