Thursday, April 30, 2009

Kanye West - The Lost Samples

So you knew Kanye was a sampling wiz, but did you ever wonder what all those records were that he was sampling? Well this tape seeks to resolve a few of those queries...




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1. Patti Labelle & Bluebelles - You’ll Never Walk Alone

Used For Kanye West - “Home”
2. Chaka Khan - Ain’t Nobody

Used For The Go-Getters - “Baby on the Way”
3. Laura Nyro - Woman’s Blues

Used For Carl Thomas - “The Way That You Do” & Hot Karl - “Armand Assante”
4. The Temptations - Take a Look Around

Used For Slim & AC - “On The Corner” & Talib Kweli - “Young Man”
5. Natalie Cole - I Can’t Say No

Used For Tricky Daddy - “Can’t Say No” & Pharcity - “Can’t Say No”
6. Marilyn McCoo & Billy Davis Jr - Nothing Can Stop Me Now

Used For The Go-Getters - “Neva Gonna Stop Me”
7. Alicia Myers - If You Play Your Cards Right

Used For Mase - “Welcome Back [Remix]“
8. Aretha Franklin - Until You Come Back To Me

Used For John Legend - “Do What I Gotta Do”
9. Barry Manilow - Sweet Life

Used For Talib Kweli - “Momma Can You Hear Me”
10. Belle Epoque - Me And You

Used For Kanye West “Niggas Gossip [Dream Killers]“
11. Foreigner - The Damage Is Done

Used For Grafh - “Damage Is Done”
12. Otis Redding - Nothing Can Change This Love

The Real Sample Used For Common - “The Food”
13. Average White Band - Daddy’s All Gone

Used For Freeway - “Show Go On”
14. The Masqueraders - It’s A Terrible Thing To Waste Your Love

Used For Kanye West - “Apologize”
15. The Masqueraders - Can’t Nobody Love Me Like You Do

Used For Apathy - “Can’t Nobody” & Sentence - “Knick Inna Optik”
16. Irene Reid - My Way

Used For Kanye West - “My Way”
17. The Impressions - Keep On Pushing

Used For Bump J - “Pusha Man”
18. Irene Reid - Didn’t We

Used For Kanye West - “Half Price”
19. Billy Preston - Bells

Used For Kanye West - “Keep the Receipt”
20. Hugh Masekela - Stimela [Coal Train]

Used For Talib Kweli - “The Instrumental” & Busta Rhymes - “Dangerous [Remix]“
21. Chic - At Last I Am Free

Used For Slim Thug - “So Lost”
22. The Marvelettes - Uptown

Used For Abstract Mindstate - “Downtown”
23. Willie Hutch - Brother’s Gonna Work It Out

Used For Young Blaze - “Work It Out”
24. Kanye West - Possible Kanye West Song

25. Luther Vandross - Superstar

Used For “Possible Kanye West Song”

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