Saturday, March 21, 2009

Video: New N.E.R.D - Popcorn ft. Santigold + Download(Live Rip)

So the guys from N.E.R.D have a new song and it features everyones favorite Alt chick of the moment Santigold. The guys revealed the song to the American audience @ MTV's Spring Break 09 and posted about it via their BBC blog without anouncing the name...well today we have a name for the track its called 'Popcorn' and if your anything close to as big of an N.E.R.D fan as I am than your probably hoping that this is a sign of a new album in the works?....No word yet...Above is a clip that popped up on youtube of the guys performing the song in Singapore last week without the help of one Santigold.

Being the complete nerd I am heres a rip of the performance for your listening pleasure...Record is DOOOOPE..even if the audio sucks!

N.E.R.D - Popcorn ft. Santigold (Live Rip)

More Pictures from the N.E.R.D Santigold Performance of 'Popcorn' @ BBCICECREAM.COM/BLOG



Anonymous said...

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