Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Video: N.A.S.A - Way Down ft. RZA, John Frusciante, and Barbie Hatch

The second video from N.A.S.A's new album.....'Spirit of Apollo'...This is one of my favorite tracks off the album.. The video has been floating around youtube and some other sites the past cople days but its been getting pulled... This is the official release via...Boingboing.net

The clip was directed by Sage Vaughn and Syd Garon

Via ..Sage and Syd's Boingboing interview:

'Xeni Jardin: Syd, can you tell us about what we're seeing here -- the story this video tells? How did you develop this visual narrative, in relation to the message of the song (about a woman who falls in love with the Devil?)

Syd Garon: Sage was painting these warring gangs of Blue Jays and Cardinals in the trees of Los Angeles and the song was about a forbidden love, you can see how the west side story naturally evolved from that, in fact it seems like it was inevitable. The pitch on this video was Winged Migration meets Straight out of Compton and I think thats how it turned out.'

You can check out the whole interview ..here..