Sunday, March 29, 2009

Video: LoveJones & Phys Edison - Sit on the Moon

I knew this would be the first single...I recall saying something like...'Sit on the Moon is pretty Doooope!'...The first single off the album 'Sunday Drive' produced by Phys Edison..

Video description:

'Directed by Tori Boyd for Growing Young, Sit on the Moon offers a simple yet colorful landscape to add to the lyrics vivid imagery. The video shows Jones in his ruffled work clothes contemplating what a day off from work might feel like. With some of Chicago’s most original and colorful murals providing the backdrop, Sit on the Moon grabs the viewer’s attention and meshes perfectly with Phys Edison’s soulful instrumental and Jones’ introspective lyrics.'

LoveJones - Sit on the Moon

Thanks to Mike for shooting this over...

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