Monday, March 23, 2009

Stars & Stripes: White Stripes Re-imagined - White Stripes v. Hip-Hop

Sick of Mashups?...Well this one may get you back into them..Adrian Champion brings you another blend tape whose time has come..."Stars & Stripes: White Stripes Re-imagined"...The tape is a mashup of White Stripes and Hip-hop classics from some of Hip-hops greats...

Shouts to Illroots & Amajanese

Adrian Champion on the project:

I was late jumping on The White Stripes bandwagon. But, when I heard "Doorbell" a few years back I became an instant fan. That raw, classic sound was so fresh to me. I went straight to iTunes and downloaded the whole album. It wasn't long before I owned everything they'd ever released.

What really got me was that I wanted to sample almost every song. But, I couldn't just shamelessly sample their whole catalog. Plus, I had just decided to move away from sampling and focus on writing original music. So, a remix project seemed like the thing to do, and the idea was born.

I started digging through my collection and fitting all the pieces together. My goal was to use only samples from The White Stripes and a cappellas from classic songs and my favorite emcees. And of course, I had to rap on one of the tracks myself, with my man Brian Jacobs on the hook.

So there it is, hip-hop fans, meet The White Stripes.
Fans of The White Stripes, meet hip-hop.

— Adrian Champion

Stars & Stripes: White Stripes Re-imagined