Sunday, March 1, 2009

Ship Log: ..L.A.'ed out! More Music, Yeezy's Storytellers, Obama = Coolest President EVER! + more

Yeezy's Storytellers was pretty dope.....


Man!...I have to get outta L.A. like yesterday..Somewhere like an island say Hawaii(been planning that forever)/Belize..Some place cosmopolitan and artsy like New York or in Europe say...Berlin/London/Paris... Some place historical and culturally significant ie..Egypt/Ethiopia/South Africa/Rome...Some place important to understand for the future i.e... China or Japan/Dubai.. Some place with crazy beautiful women..i.e.. Brazil.. Its about that time to fulfill my traveller fantasies.. I always pictured myself as that guy thats always off to some distant place(My degree is in International Relations)...Funny how when your imagining things like that money is never an object..

Well eventually...



I like TSS's write up...

"In the media’s continuing focus to make sure everyone knows that Barack is a mere mortal, here’s pictures of him sitting courtside @ the Phone Booth where he watched his hometown Bulls get slayed by his new hometown Wiz. The President drank beer, slapped high fives and then went home & boned The First Lady.

Something tells me that if this Negro went to shit & allowed cameras in, they would film it. As cool as all this is (imagine them holding up tipoff until you made it to YOUR seat lol), I kind of want to be a little removed from my President. I mean, he’s Youtubin’ it, he’s got the nation Twitter’ing. Sheesh. Embrace some of that Wizard Of Oz mystique & let me think you’re not as much like me as you really are. At this rate, I might fuckin run for office."

All the while Republicans are forming their plan to reach the youth


Ryan Leslie - One in a Million......[WDIR]

The Neptunes X Kobe Nike Zoom Commercial.......[Youtube]

Alife X Colette G-Shock watch.....[Colette]

My Favorite Baseball player (Ken Griffey Jr.) returns to my hometown Mariners and RPS makes a tee to celebrate called 'The Kid' only $24!...[Hypebeast]

Pretty Much Amazing: 'Chiddy Bang is the Coolest thing since the Cool Kids'..[PMA]

Nickelus F. ft. Portishead - Cowboys + Roads.......[Cowboys + Roads = Nah Right]

Asher Roth - Takeover Freestyle......[DJ Semtex]

Ever wondered what Zach de La Rocha from Rage Against the Machine has been up to....[LA Times]

Kidz in the Hall - The In Crowd (Deluxe Edition) w/new stuff...[Ruby Hornet]

Remember Wendy & Lisa from Prince and the Revolution(Purple Rain)??..Rock the Dub interviews them on their new project.....[Rock the Dub]

Drake X Interview.....[Vibe]

Pacific Division - Pac Div ........[Nah Right]

New Gourmet NFN @ Undefeated...Sick with it....[UNDFTD]

Laroux - In For the Kill(Twelves Remix)....[Pretty Much Amazing]