Friday, March 20, 2009

New! Kelis - Love Cherry + Feel Alive Prod. Diplo

So I hade made a post about Diplo working with Kelis not to long ago and since these are 2 of my favorite artists in music I was obviously all over it.... So diplo had sent these tracks to the pregnant Kelis and I'm assuming these are going to be off an upcoming album and if they're any indication of what a new Kelis record might be like I think its gonna be pretty damn good. These tracks are mad low quality snippets and they sound like they were just recorded from her session and are not snippets of the actual mastered recording, but at the end of the day just hearing this will do for

Kelis - Feel Alive (Snippet) prod. Diplo

Kelis - Love Cherry (Snippet) prod. Diplo <---WOOOOW! @ approx :24 in..

Still miss her Neptunes days but...

A Kelis video Retrospective(Damn it Nas! Why'd you have to steal my on the other end>>>>

Young, Fresh, & New

Truth or Dare

Help Me

Millionaire ft. Andre 3000

Good Stuff

Trick Me

Get Along With You

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JLAMAR said...

Fucking LOVE Kelis.