Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Video: M.I.A on Tavis Smiley ..The Baby Was Due on Grammy Night!

M.I.A speaks on her pregnancy, Her history, the Grammys and more..

After M.I.A's balsy performance on the Grammys Last Night this pre-Grammy interview was worthy of a post.. I did not know the baby was due on Grammy night!!?? WOW!.. I'm a political junkie and I've always been seriously attracted by her British Accent and her Intellect(did you really need to hear that?).. So here you go..

You can see her 9 month about to go into labor Grammy performance below...

Time had a great recent write up on the Tamil Tigers and the struggles of the Tamil people...

thanks to Couch Sessions

Part 2 on the other side..

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