Friday, February 6, 2009

Tokin Black Guy = Produced by Kanye or Kanye's Alter Ego or New G.O.O.D Artist?

Kanye West X Tokin Black Guy

So have you heard the rumors going around about this artist going by the name Tokin Black Guy.... Well it seems bloggers and internet nerds all over were starting to think there maybe a Lupe/Japanese Cartoon type thing going down(utter nonsense since the guy sounds nothing like Ye)... Next the rumor was that he was a new artist being produced by YE(listening to these tracks if I were Ye I'd be open to taking credit), which Kanye's spokesperson has just called 'totally bogus' (via Spin)... And now the rumor is he is close to signing to G.O.O.D music.. Well whatever the case is I thought his music was crazy dope and you needed and deserved to hear it.. So Tada!

Tokin Black Guy - Body Clock <--this is just retarded!!

Tokin Black Guy - Turn My Music High<--next level ish!