Friday, February 27, 2009

Ship Log:...Getting 'Punk in Drublic'

Shouts to the bartender..'Punk in Drublic'..I'm soo jackin that!

^^MF DOOM X Ghostface - GTA Chinatown Wars


The new Heart and Mind Hoodie from BBC..


Diamond Supply & Han Cholo Online release....[CTOtheJL]

"My Foolish Heart" remix ft. Consequence...Name that sample(Only one of my favorite hip-hop tracks all time).....Ok its GZA - 'Liquid Swords'(I'm embarrassed for you if you didn't know)[kanYe]

Beck - Leopard Skin Pill-box Hat (Bob Dylan Cover)....[]

Alife Everybody Mid Parachute Checkers.....[Sneakerfiles]

Its amazing what a baby does to a woman's (uggghhhh)..Christina Aguilera makes sure the cameras didn't miss it.......[Bastardly]

Another Bastardly joint...I saw..I mean read this King Mag piece on Melyssa Ford..Jesus! that legal?..[Bastardly]

Is it just me or do you think his album is gonna be totally wack?...Like I can't think of another Asher track (outside of I Love College..) I like...None...ZERO! Not trying to hate on the guy..Just sayin..

Louis Vuitton & Skam(Toronto Graff Artist)....[K&G]

Congorock(Fools Gold) - Runark.....[Rcrdlbl]

Snoop & Cube talk Lakers...Like seriously what else do you think they talk about??...Obama Pulling out of Iraq??.....[Youtube]

BTW..Obama is pulling out of Iraq in 19 months...Go Barack!..[Huffingtonpost]

If you missed Brandun Deshay's Vol 2 For the Show tape...Go Check that with a just added mini-listen....[SPZSHIP]