Tuesday, February 24, 2009

SHIP LOG: Late Night Travels... Stiller does Joaquin, Pharrell X MissyX Teeyana, Beck Video, Doom, and Megan Fox...Megan Fox...

New Beck Video!


Markets Close @ Lowest Levels Since 1997..Don't mean to bum you out... [TPM]

Video: Jeff Bezos CEO of AMAZON.com unveils the 'Kindel 2'..The IPOD for Books..I'm in.. [ZDNET]


On a Lighter Note..

T.I. X Trapaholics - Gone Til November Mixtape [Hip-Hop DX Stream + 2DB DL]

Missy Elliot ft. Pharrell & Teeyana Taylor - Put it On You [Discobelle + DL Link]

Diz Gibran - Stereo [ZSHARE via UPONTHINGZ]

Supra TUF Red Cruizer..On my list of hype sh__ [CTOTHEJL]

An ever so slight peek @ Beyonce's Nipple [Bastardly]

MF DOOM - Lightworks (prod J. Dilla)[Stream/DL]

New Alife Everybody Mids [Mashkulture]

Camron - I Used To Get it in Ohio [Missinfo]

Video: Hip-Hop Official X Wale pt 2. [Youtube]

Mick Boogie X Terry Urban interview N.A.S.A [Pressplayshow Podcast]

Video: Bow Wow - You Can Get it All (Uses sample of TLC Song) with DIZNEE From Smooth!(DAAAMMN)[On Smash]

U2, Coldplay, Killers on the same stage to benefit War Child [SPIN]

Video: K'NAAN on the Necessity of Black History Month [MTV]

Asher Roth X Kid Cudi @ Famous Stars & Straps Magic 09 Afterparty @ Pure in LV [Youtube]

GQ X Megan FOX ...Drooling.......still Drooling [GQ]

Well Since DCMA has pulled my last 2 logs without explaining why...I'm sure for no absolute reason this one will get pulled as well... so..enjoy while you can..