Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Mick Boogie & De Notes Present: Mae Day - Cherish the Day (Mae/Sade Mixtape)

Mick Boogie & De Notes Presents: Mae Day - Cherish The Day

This came my way via Mick Boogie this morning. I love Sade... I'm male and I'm not afraid to admit it. 'Cherish the Day' is an all time favorite.. I grew up on this stuff.. So when I saw this I thought ok I'm gonna like this, but now I love this.. The tape is basically Mae Day rapping over looped Sade tracks, but its done with class and its thematic conscious. I gotta show love to creative young ladies doing their thing and Mae did it quite well on this one. I had seen Mae on imeem before, but never took the time to check her music.. Note for the future.. gotta give em a listen.

check out Mae Day

1. Maeday Maeday! (Fear)
2. DJ (Same Song) (King of Sorrow)
3. Hold On (Nothing Can Come Between Us)
4. Crime (Is It A Crime)
5. Give It All (Give It Up)
6. Jezzebelle (Jezzebel)
7. Sweetest Taboo (Sweetest Taboo)
8. No Ordinary Love (No Ordinary Love)
9. Still Love H.I.M. (Your Love Is King)
10. Keep Looking (Keep Looking)
11. Cherish the Day (Cherish The Day)

Mae Day - Cherish the Day