Monday, February 16, 2009

Mark Ronson - Authentic Sh*t Radio 02/13/09 w/Exclusives!

Mark Ronson - Authentic Sh*t Podcast 02/13/09

I love this podcast and Mark always gets his hands on those songs that everybody wants...So I've been listening to this this morning (thanks to Ronson's myspace blog) and I notice that hes playing some of my favorite records.. Trackademick's 'Topsidin'(which is on that playlist over there--->), Wale's Nightlife(which I never posted..but will be apart of New Music Monday) and he has Pacific Division's 'Mayor', which nobody seems to have and I just added to my hard drive (like a few minutes ago...will post a little later). So I started playing it and as usual Mark Ronson brings his funny commentary in his British accent and some great exclusive music(Wale, Adele[f__-ing Amazing voice on that demo]+more)...So definitely give that a listen..

Authentic Sh*t Radio Podcast 02/13/09 (1:59:54)

The Like - Fair Game (Demo) Dunham Demo WORLD PREMIER!!!
Wetdog - Lower Leg Angular
Lily Allen - The Fear (Count Remix)
Ms Dynamite - Hot Like Fire
Dum Dum Girls - Yours Alone
Q Tip - ManWoman Boogie
Late of the Pier - Heartbeat (Zongaman Remix)
Pac Div - Mayor
The Beastie Boys - Car Thief
Wale - Mirror
Nickel Eye - Brandy of the Damned (Version II feat Wale)
Lost Penguin - Pleasurewood Kills
UK FUNKY! Head Shoulders Knees and Toes
Passion Pit - Sleepyhead (The Knocks Remix) HEAVYROC MUSIC!
Empire of the Sun - Walking on a Dream
Adele - Cold Shoulder (original demo)Exclusive
Adele - Cold Shoulder
The Rumble Strips London (Demo) WORLD PREMIER!!!
Prodigy - Die Another Day
Theophilus London explains the 50 Cent/Miami Beef
Rick Ross - Cigar Music (I Do It)
Theophilus London LIVE IN THE BOOTH!!!
Theophilus London - TNT
Theophilus London - Crazy Cousins
Theophilus London - Cold Pillow
Theophilus London Freestyle Exclusive
The Like Fair Game (demo)
Trackademicks - Topsidin'
Wale feat. Young Chris - Nightlife
LaRoux - In For the Kill (Skream Remix)
Come Party With Us (WORLD PREMIERE!!!!) - King Kong
King Kong - East Germany's Premier Eclectroclash Artist LIVE!!!!
Patrick Cleandenim - Telephone Song
Amadou & Miriam - Ce N'est Pas Bon
Fela Kuti - He Miss Road

You can check out Mark Ronson's 'Authentic Sh*t' podcast every Friday 8-10p on East Village Radio