Sunday, February 15, 2009

Illdoctrine: Beyond Chris Brown and Rhianna ..on domestic abuse talks to Elizabeth Mendez Berry, who wrote a vibe article on Big Pun's(r.i.p) abuse of his wife, on the stunning levels of domestic violence in the hip-hop world and the general populace. The statistics and subject matter are not new to me...but I think with the whole Rhianna Chris Brown thing becoming as crazy as it has become I thought this was worth a post. I don't agree with her suggestion though that Rhianna was taking major flack after this whole incident...I haven't seen that.. and I think that female victimization in every dispute is a problem too.

I will say this... Its never...never....never...ok for a guy to hit a woman... never. Self defense?...Never! ..and don't get on my case..I'm talking about striking or in Chris Brown's case biting a woman(wtf was that??).

You can read Elzabeth's article 'Love Hurts'