Friday, February 27, 2009

Dita Eyewear 'The Gold Series'

Dita Eyewear just shot a press release with these crazy joints. Dita's 'The Gold Series' is made up of 2 different Aviator Shades. One in the classic Aviator lense and the other in the classic Dita Aviator shape with mirrored lenses made of 24k white and yellow gold...

Dita Eyewear:

'Dita has developed custom mirrored lenses using authentic 24k white and yellow gold. Dita has created these lenses by using an extraordinary and privileged technology that takes the precious metal and compresses it between two lenses preventing the common problem of scratched mirrored lenses. The two fused lenses prevent the gold mirror from being rubbed or scratched off; creating a lens that will not lose its luster.

Dita will offer this exclusive lens technology in the following frames: Dynasty, Voulez Vous, Ambassador, and Midnight Special. Global production will be limited to 75 pieces per style in each lens color. The frame colors will match the lens colors. '