Saturday, February 7, 2009

Artist Spotlight - Ears

Ears Myspace Pic

For my 2nd artist spotlight in the new series I want to bring you the up and coming production talent that goes by the name Ears out of Sweden.. Ears is making his way in the biz by producing for up and coming artists and is now naturally a primary go to guy for the RMH... After listening to some of his beats I gotta say hes one to watch. His style seems to be J. Dilla meets Sweden meets Pre Graduation Kanye West.. Interestingly enough he doesn't seem to do that Electrohop thing thats so big out there right now.. The guy has talent on the boards... Maybe not Avant-Garde anymore.. But supremely dope so its a no brainer your gonna be hearing his beats all over the place soon.. So today I bring you some beats to munch on.. Thank me later.

Ears - Ajusted<--can't believe no one has bought that yet...Wooooo..

Ears - Goodmourning

Ears - Rize

More @ Ears v. Soundclick