Saturday, January 10, 2009

Video: The Hundreds X (thee) Mike B recording drops for 'Drive by Bangers 2'

The Hundreds are hooking up with (thee) Mike B for the 2nd edition of the 'Drive by Bangers' mixtape to celebrate the release of their (thee)Mike B X Hundreds Headphones. I saw Mike B @ the Pepsi Pop Up event here in L.A. His set was really dope and he had everybody vibin, so I knew this was gonna be crack. Than I checked out the first 'Drive by Bangers' tape and I was certain. This is a video of The Hundreds released of the recording of drops for the tape with Ferrari Murakami, DJ Fashen and Joe Hahn....

Mike B
The Hundreds

If you missed the first 'Drive by Bangers' Mixtape and wanna know why I'm posting this you can catch it on the other side...

Drive By Bangers


1. Intro
2. Above the Law " Murder Rap"
3. Above The Law "Black Superman"
4. Comptons Most Wanted "One Time Gaffled Em Up"
5. Comptons Most Wanted "Growin Up In The Hood"
6. Comptons Most Wanted "Hood Took Me Under"
7. Comptons Most Wanted "Def Wish (DJ Premier Re-mix)
8. Gang Starr ft Kurupt & The Lady Of Rage "You Know My Steez Remix"
9. Kurupt "Callin Out Names"
10. Kurupt ft Daz "On,Onsite"
11. Tha Dogg Pound "Push Bacc"
12. Tha Dogg Pound "If We All Fucc"
13. Tha Dogg Pound "Big Pimpin"
14. Tha Dogg Pound "Respect"
15. Tha Dogg Pound & Mack 10 "Nothin But The Cavi Hit"
16. Mack 10 "Hoo Bangin"
17. Mack 10 "Foe Life"
18. Ice Cube "Now I Gotta Wetcha"
19. Ice Cube "How To Survive In South Central"
20. Ice Cube "We Had To Tear This Motherfucker Up"
21. Ice Cube "Get Off My Dick"
22. Ice Cube "Whos' The Mack"
23. Anotha Level ft Ice Cube "Level N Service"
24. WC "Jus Clownin"
25. Low Profile "Funky Song"
26. Low Profile "Pay Dues"
27. Volume 10 "Pistolgrip-Pump"
28. Volume 10 feat Ganjah K "A Real Freestyle"
29. 2Pac feat Roger Troutman "California Love"
30. King Tee "Shake Da Spot"
31. King Tee "Ruff Rhyme"
32. King Tee "Got It Bad Y'all"
33. Tha Alkaholiks "Only When I'm Drunk"
34. Tash "Nightfall"
35. Xzibit "Los Angeles Times"
36. Ras Kass ft Coolio "Drama"
37. Coolio "County Line"
38. King Tee ft Ice Cube "King Tee's Beerstand"
39. Snoop Dogg ft Nate Dogg "St Ides Commercial"
40. The Dove Shack "Summertime In The LBC"
41. Twinz "Round & Round"
42. Shade Sheist ft Nate Dogg "Where I Wanna Be (Mike B's Shuggie Boogie Remix)
43. Nate Dogg "Music & Me"
44. Snoop Dogg ft Daz & Raphael Saadiq "Midnight Love"
45. Warren G ft Ron Isley "Smokin Me Out"
46. Nate Dogg "Me & My Homies"
47. Lloyd Banks ft Nate Dogg "Warrior pt 2"
48. DJ Quik "Born & Raised in Compton"
49. DJ Quik "Summer Breeze"
50. Suga Free "Why You Bulshittin"
51. Shade Sheist ft DJ Quik "John Doe"
52. 2nd II None "Be True To Yourself"
53. Hi-C "Leave My Curl Alone"
54. Hi-C feat DJ Quik, 2nd II None & AMG "2 Skanless"
55. Kid Frost "La Raza"
56. Cypress Hill "Dr Greenthumb"
57. Cypress Hill "When The Shit Goes Down"
58. Cypress Hill "Illusions"
59. NWA "8 Ball (remix)"
60. Eazy-E "Still Talkin' Shit"
61. Eazy-E "If U Want It"
62. Eazy-E "Gimme Dat Nut"
63. NWA "If It Ain't Ruff"
64. NWA "Chin Check"
65. The D.O.C. ft MC Ren, Ice Cube, Eazy E & Dr.Dre "The Grand"

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