Thursday, January 1, 2009

Tech Report: OQO Model 2+ Ultra Mobile PC

Imagine a computer that weighs 1 pound. Could fit in your pocket and has global 3G capability and a fresh OLED touch screen and a slide out Keypad. You would think I was talking about the newest cell phone, but no I'm talking about the OQO 2+ and the computing worlds next revolution Ultra Mobile PC's or as Steve Jobs refers to it..'handtops'...

The UMPC(Ultra Mobile PC) is undeniably the new revolution in technology and the people @ OQO are at the forefront of the race to develop a breakout UMPC..Their model 02 which was released in 07 was seen as a breakout model for the time but like all groundbreakers its flaws didn't become clear until after its mass consumption. The 2+ is a massive upgrade with more power, better memory, bettery battery life, and a touchscreen oled the release of their Model 2+ is looking like they may just have the breakout model.....Its one of the best designed UMPC I've seen.

'OQO, Inc. announces the new model 2+ with the Intel® Atom™ processor, the world’s first PC OLED display, and worldwide 3G capability. Based on the 1.86GHz Intel Atom processor and 2GB RAM, the OQO model 2+ offers performance up to twice as fast as its predecessor and includes an embedded touchscreen for easier input.'

Some Specs:
Intel Atom 1.86GHz processor
2GB of RAM
OLED touchscreen
worldwide 3G capabilities

not cheap though:
1,300, and can be customized up to $3,000

source Engadget