Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Tech Pick: Sony Vaio P

Sony Vaio P

Sony's attempt to kill the Netbooks market. I'm gonna have to cosign this one...Sony unveiled this beaut @ CES last week and now more info and specs are hitting the tech geeks around the net...Gotta say I'm getting into these Netbooks, most definitely the wave of the future...lets run through the known shall we?..

8-inch screen 1600x768
1.4 lbs
LED Backlit Display
1.33 GHZ Intel Processor
128 GB Hard Drive
2 GB Ram
Integrated GPS Reciever + Voice Navigation
Wi-fi, Blutooth, and possibly 3g
built in - microphone, speakers, .3 megapixel webcam

more @ Electornista[Sony Vaio P]

retail: $900 (60GB), $1,200(64GB), $1,500(128GB)

Funny thing is it was billed as being so small it could fit into your pocket..Sony Vaio P(as in Pocket)...well not quite, but for real that would be to small...Some dorks in Japan have some fun with that...

Japanese Bloggers say Sony Vaio P doesn't quite fit right