Saturday, January 17, 2009

SPZSHIP Favorites #1: Crustation - Purple (J-Dilla Remix)

Jay Dilla

I've been playing this all day, which means this was the shoe in for the first SPZSHIP favorites. I will be using this post to post music that I feel best reflects the ethos of this blog. Songs that uplift, empower, and stimulate. Thats exactly what this Crustation X Dilla track does. I believe music has a power that science just hasn't managed to capture quite yet and this song hit me like a wave when I first heard it. I obviously knew about Dilla and had heard some of Dilla's remixes but this track off Dilla's

was something else.. The simplicity of the beat hides the depth of the tracks nuance. Just hit play...


Crustation - Purple (Ummah remix)