Saturday, January 3, 2009

SPZSHIP Artist Spotlight: Lovejones aka Ferris Bueller

I love finding new artists with great talent but little buzz or acknowledgement and watching them develop. I stay up late lookin for that new new....its just how I when I find a great artist its like finding a diamond in the I am starting this series to shine a spotlight on new artists that I think you should check out.

Today its Lovejones aka Ferris Bueller out of Chicago. This young MC has been using youtube, local shows, and a gift for lyricism(dude can spit for real) to build a little following and a silent buzz on the net. Enough so that it seems that he has even caught the ear of hip hop wonderkid 9th wonder. Take a listen to 'Daydreamin' from Lovejones..SPZSHIP's first artist spotlight....

Lovejones - Daydreamin

I said dude could me...on the other side...

I don't front...

Want more = Dabahng U Tube channel

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