Saturday, January 3, 2009

Jay-Z + Radiohead = Jaydiohead via Minty Fresh Beats

So we all knew the two artists that set the remix and blend worlds going nuts the last couple of years...some one would go out and remix the two....This was a natural it came out of my own brain....well anyway this tape is freaking amazing...I'm listening to it as I post this as usual when I post Mixtapes......The 10 track Mix was created by Minty Fresh this one...


tracklist + play by play:

1.Wrong Prayer <---Beyonce intro..Whoa!! Like the feeling of Soulful Rock music..
2.99 anthems <---Another great blend selection..
3.No Karma <---Nice....
4Lucifer's Jigsa w< play this rollin in a drop top with some shades on
5.Optomistic Moment <---Two of my favorite songs...not my favorite blend
6.Dirt Off your Android <---Very Very Minty fresh..gonna play this a hundred times...
7.Dreaming Up <---just remembering how great these Radiohead records are
8.Change Order <--Brilliant mix!...Great selection
9.Fall In Step <---Let me just say this...I feel cool listening to^^^
10.Ignorant Swan <----Saving the best for last....WOOOOOOW....

listen to the whole thing on the other side....

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