Tuesday, January 6, 2009

J.A.M.E.S Watts - A Better Tomorrow

J.A.M.E.S dropped this one @ midnight...First thought....a little different..What was he talking about?...But I couldn't do it justice...I'll let Mr. Watts do the talking...

'this self-produced song tells the story of a superhero/secret agent type who's out to rid the world of all evildoing and malice. However, the track only explains the early part of his day, and the beginning of his mission, as I may choose to elaborate further on his adventures in the near future.

While a little bit of a departure from how I usually get down, I'm trying to stretch my boundaries a bit; hope you enjoy it! Any and all feedback on this one is definitely appreciated.'

What he said.

J.A.M.E.S Watts - A Better Tomorrow