Sunday, January 25, 2009

Item of the Week #7: Mosley Tribes Castellano Sunglasses

Jay-Z Glatsonbury Rocking Mosely Tribes X Crooks & Castles Sunglasses
the biggest celebrity endorser..

Mosley Tribes Gold Castellano Sunglasses

The Los Angeles based design company Mosley Tribes introduced these joints to the world when it launched it's collaboration with Crooks & Castles.. And my black and gold trimmed Crooks X Mosley glasses have been my favorite sunglasses since... and thats saying a lot.. With the recent release of several new colorways Bronze, Marble Brown, and Gold these are destined for classic status. Most brands have items that tend to define their brand to the public and I gotta say that for most of us gearheads the 'Castellano' is Mosley Tribes defining pair of sunglasses.

Black on Black Grey lense Mosley Tribe Sunglasses in Crooks & Castles Spring 2009 Lookbook

Revolve has these Black joints for $180

price: $180 - $250