Monday, January 19, 2009

Item of the Week #6: Undefeated X Converse Poorman's Weapon

Convers X Undefeated Poorman's Weapon

These actually haven't been released yet, but when I saw them the other day I knew that everything else I was thinking of posting could wait. Converse has really fallen by the way side among the premium sneaker releases excluding some exclusive collaborations. And this new Undefeated collab is right up there with any collab release I've seen recently.

The Poorman's weapon has a nylon upper(nylon kicks are the big thing now it seems..), classic Converse sole, Undefeated logo built onto the sole on the side and back, and orange lining on the interior. the design was inspired by the design of old military Bomber jackets.

One thing I always liked about Converse (used to rock Chucks a lot) is their classic style and their unwillingness to simply follow popular sneaker trends...., but on the same token that has also meant less focus on innovation and experimentation in their sneaker design.

These kicks will be available later this month @ Undefeated and other premium sneaker retailers.