Sunday, January 11, 2009

Item of the Week #5: Dita Legends Grandmaster Two Sunglasses

dita grandmaster two sunglasses

This week its item #5 in the series...Dita's Grandmaster 2 which was released to celebrate Dita eyewear's 'Legends collection back in June of 08. These glasses are handcrafted and manufactured in Japan like all of the Dita collection. 12k gold on the Titanium hinges. These glasses as expected are not cheap. Since I'm a collector of sunglasses trust me when I tell you these are right up there among any pair of shades on the market and in terms of the style aspects I look for(unique, well designed, flashy but subtle) these are in my top 5 of glasses to own. Like all the stuff I generally dig, and all the glasses in the Dita collection, these are super limited edition. Supposedly these were limited to 10 worldwide but they have never seemed to sell out.

dita eyewear
One of my favorite Design companies^^

retail: $575...I said they werent cheap
Dita Legends Grandmaster-TWO

These are major fresh and for all you cats that need celebrity co-signs check out Usher rocking a goldless custom version in the 'Trading Places' video on the other side...

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