Sunday, January 4, 2009

Item of the Week #4 : King Stampede Supermax 59/50 New Era

Since I'm not super big on making sure that what I rock just came out or hasn't come out yet I'm going to make King Stampede's Supermax 59/50 New Era my item of the week. I want to use this 'item' of the week post to talk about hard to find or limited and exclusive items. This cap came out late 2007 and I have been meaning to cop one since, but its sold out just about everywhere in the states so you have to go to overseas dealers to pick one up...The cap has the look of those old Navy hats with the inscription 'Ain't gonna feel like you when the sun goes down'..The cap is available in white, navy, and black...Seriously I could have made this post "King Stampede New Era's" more broadly cause there are several dope ones to choose from, but the Supermax was fresh enough for me to singularize it...

availabe now:

Frontlineshop for 22.49 euros = $31

Eaim for 3,150 yen = $34

stateside..Boundless NY has stayed sold out..for the longest..

Bun B interview rockin the Supermax on the other side...

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