Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Inverse - So True EP ...Good Cali Music....

They were clearly making a bunch of love songs for L.A. and whats its like to live here I can relate to that..

Inverse - So True EP

Good Music....definitely worth a listen...and again listening to it while I'm posting..

tracklist + play by Play

1. Rise and Shine [produced by Cook Classics]

2. So True feat. Deacon (of CunninLynguists) [produced by Decapbeats]

3. SunnyCalifornia Part 2 [produced by Adam Berg & Cook Classics]<--Download for this Song

4. Spark My Soul feat. Substantial [produced by Kno]<---Chill out music..#2 best track

5. Beautiful City [produced by Cook Classics]<--L.A. all day

6. Goodnight Goodnight [produced by Kno]<---lost me..kinda boring