Friday, January 9, 2009

fromELSEWHERE - Lovemade Mix

The mix artists fromELSEWHERE give us this mix for the female focused events and marketing company Lovemade...a very cool mix of some old stuff...laidback and downbeat material from artists like Sneaker Pimps, Lali Puna, D'Angelo, The Cardigans, Janet Jackson, Ladybug Mecca, Telepopmusik, En Vogue, Norah Jones, Slum Village, SWV, Lily Allen, Notwist...AHHHHHHH*me yawning*..shi__ making me sleepy....cure for my insomnia?

part 1
part 2

and since I know some of you dont f___ with M4a I loaded an mp3 version..

part 1(mp3)
part 2(mp3)

hipped me to it = Pauline