Friday, January 30, 2009

Casio Kiddi au CA001 Touchscreen Phone w/ Yamaha Piano App

How freakin cool is this^^

Casio gives us the Japan only Kiddi au release from their Spring 2009 collection... A phone with a 3.1 inch touch screen with killer music apps include a touchscreen Yamaha piano keyboard(why has no one else made something like this?)! And a 5mp Camera. The phone also includes other instrument on the go apps. Can you imagine what this is the harbor of? Almost as cool as this. Now if we can get Ableton Live or a mixer on one of these damn things I'll be buying.



Piano lessons said...

KDDI and Casio introduces a mobile phone, CA001, with an embedded piano. I feel impressed with its exclusive piano-training program that might imbue any music lover with some mastery. Thanks to Yamaha for devising such a software.