Thursday, January 22, 2009

Brandun Deshay - 'One! For the Money' Mixtape

Brandun Deshay One! For the Money Mixtape

So I'm super late on this one, but Brandun Deshay dropped his mixtape a couple of months ago and I've been listening to this.....Whoa!.... The kid is talented. You gotta check this out if you missed it.... What up Deshay??!! I didn't forget you..

1.The intro hoe
2.Pure genius
3.You have no idea
4.Go fly a kite feat casey veggies
5.Orange gumdrops
6.An ocean of stars
7.Ooo wee freestyle
8.Moment of ambiguity
9.Guilty finisher feat aris p
10.Tag youre it feat chill and tommy parker
11.Nors first song
12.Better sooner than later freestyle
13.Heartbeat freestyle
14.Under my thumb feat marty herson
15.Odd future freestyle
16.Odd octubree
17.Do you
19.Paying In Nievity

Brandun Deshay - 'One! For the Money' Mixtape

Heres a preview: