Monday, January 12, 2009

Adam Tensta - Little Bit of Room (Lykke Li Remix)

Adam Tensta - Little Bit of Room (Lykke Li)

I've heard enough of these 'Lykke Li remixes, but what I appreciate about Adam Tensta and company is that they're not just jumping on the track with new verses...They are redoing the track and giving it a new flavor...Isn't that what a remix is supposed to be?.. Well anyway the track is pretty dope and supposedly these Tensta tracks his camp has ben releasing are from a new Mixtape that should be a an Album pre-release thing....I'm not mad these tracks are dope....excluding the Myspace drops..

Something tells me shes gonna be big in 09^^

Adam Tensta - Little Bit of Room(Lykke Li)

update: I new I had heard this before...Well I did a little research(imeem) and I found the original remix they redid...its the 'Matas Berlin' remix of Lykke's 'Little Bit'...and they did actually change the track up..Going over this remix was a great decision...well enjoy the original remix of the remix...and I even found the download link...

Lykke Li - Little Bit (Matas Berlin remix)

thanks to RMH