Saturday, January 3, 2009

Video: recording 'Super Friends' In studio ... w/ Fresh Daily, Mickey Factz, Oddisee, Print and mad others

So this track came out 2 days ago and its utterly ridiculous number of artists...The track is so good they probably just decided that they should all jump on it..Some of hip-hops best up and coming voices...if you missed it...


I'm out..I 'disappear in a sandstorm woooosshhh'

Andy Warhol X Bianca Jagger X Steven Spielberg...WTF!!

Sitting in a room and talking about random ish....but seriously WTF are they talking about...?

Jay-Z + Radiohead = Jaydiohead via Minty Fresh Beats

So we all knew the two artists that set the remix and blend worlds going nuts the last couple of years...some one would go out and remix the two....This was a natural it came out of my own brain....well anyway this tape is freaking amazing...I'm listening to it as I post this as usual when I post Mixtapes......The 10 track Mix was created by Minty Fresh this one...


tracklist + play by play:

1.Wrong Prayer <---Beyonce intro..Whoa!! Like the feeling of Soulful Rock music..
2.99 anthems <---Another great blend selection..
3.No Karma <---Nice....
4Lucifer's Jigsa w< play this rollin in a drop top with some shades on
5.Optomistic Moment <---Two of my favorite songs...not my favorite blend
6.Dirt Off your Android <---Very Very Minty fresh..gonna play this a hundred times...
7.Dreaming Up <---just remembering how great these Radiohead records are
8.Change Order <--Brilliant mix!...Great selection
9.Fall In Step <---Let me just say this...I feel cool listening to^^^
10.Ignorant Swan <----Saving the best for last....WOOOOOOW....

listen to the whole thing on the other side....

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Colette Sale 50% off Jan. 2-10 2009 ...

The freshest store on the having a sale from the 2nd - 10th...a lot of fresh ish for Him and Her...So lets save this economy by getting those Euros out and purchasing sh-- so we look fly! All my economics studies went for not...

What was that I said about everyone having a sale?? The global recession is kicking the retailers in the a$$...

SPZSHIP Artist Spotlight: Lovejones aka Ferris Bueller

I love finding new artists with great talent but little buzz or acknowledgement and watching them develop. I stay up late lookin for that new new....its just how I when I find a great artist its like finding a diamond in the I am starting this series to shine a spotlight on new artists that I think you should check out.

Today its Lovejones aka Ferris Bueller out of Chicago. This young MC has been using youtube, local shows, and a gift for lyricism(dude can spit for real) to build a little following and a silent buzz on the net. Enough so that it seems that he has even caught the ear of hip hop wonderkid 9th wonder. Take a listen to 'Daydreamin' from Lovejones..SPZSHIP's first artist spotlight....

Lovejones - Daydreamin

I said dude could me...on the other side...

I don't front...

Want more = Dabahng U Tube channel

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Friday, January 2, 2009

Supreme Warehouse Sale N.Y. to L.A.

It is what it is....up to 80% off...

Blind I Says Go! 2009 Mixtape

Blind I dropped a mixtape today ....some joints that have been posted here and some that haven't and some that just leaked in the last couple of days......another mixtape for your listening pleasure...


Dom Kennedy - Preview ft. Carter

Dom drops a new track as a 'preview' of his new album coming soon....Carter goes in.

Dom Kennedy - The Preview ft. Carter

vimby freestyle...forgot about that...

the lovely h.e.r. on the leak.

New De La Barracuda Tees

De La Barracuda L.A. is releasing some fresh new tees this week. If your in L.A. you might want to consider getting over there and copping one of these before they're gone.

source: De La Barracuda

more dooope tees on the other side..

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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Undefeated and Ubiq - Bullies and Sorry Franks Tees....'This F__kin Game is Over'

Exclusive Ubiq X Undefeated Bullies and Sorry Franks collab tees...available @ Undefeated and Ubiq online or at retail Saturday January 3rd . What happens when the freshest kick dealer and one of the freshest up and coming kick creators hookup for a collab tee.....some freshness I need to cop.

Tech Report: OQO Model 2+ Ultra Mobile PC

Imagine a computer that weighs 1 pound. Could fit in your pocket and has global 3G capability and a fresh OLED touch screen and a slide out Keypad. You would think I was talking about the newest cell phone, but no I'm talking about the OQO 2+ and the computing worlds next revolution Ultra Mobile PC's or as Steve Jobs refers to it..'handtops'...

The UMPC(Ultra Mobile PC) is undeniably the new revolution in technology and the people @ OQO are at the forefront of the race to develop a breakout UMPC..Their model 02 which was released in 07 was seen as a breakout model for the time but like all groundbreakers its flaws didn't become clear until after its mass consumption. The 2+ is a massive upgrade with more power, better memory, bettery battery life, and a touchscreen oled the release of their Model 2+ is looking like they may just have the breakout model.....Its one of the best designed UMPC I've seen.

'OQO, Inc. announces the new model 2+ with the Intel® Atom™ processor, the world’s first PC OLED display, and worldwide 3G capability. Based on the 1.86GHz Intel Atom processor and 2GB RAM, the OQO model 2+ offers performance up to twice as fast as its predecessor and includes an embedded touchscreen for easier input.'

Some Specs:
Intel Atom 1.86GHz processor
2GB of RAM
OLED touchscreen
worldwide 3G capabilities

not cheap though:
1,300, and can be customized up to $3,000

source Engadget

Bape Spring 2009

Bape drops some fresh items for Spring 09'...Bape has a lot of haters..but I gotta say Nigo and the crew always drop at least 1 or 2 items every season I can rock.

UNI - Cali Soul ft. H.O.P.E and Shawn Jackson prod. Dibia$e

Dibia$e on the beat. Yonas and Thurz drop some fresh music with that dude Shawn Jackson and H.O.P.E to kick your year off right. The track is a leak off U-N-I's new mixtape with Mick Boogie ...'Before there was love'...

U-N-I Cali Soul ft. Shawn Jackson and Hope

Best Song of 2008 - M.I.A Paper Planes...

Didn't want to spend my time doing a recap of the last year...really cause there was so much to love and so much to write about I couldnt pack it into one post...I thought I would just cap it all off with the best song in all genres......

Hello 2009!

Chester French - 2008 Holiday Mix

One of my favorite new bands this year was Chester French the duo of D.A. and Max signed to the Neptunes Star Trak imprint. They dropped several geat tracks this year and I've made a point to keep track of every new piece of music I can get my hands on from these guys. And this appeared in my inbox yesterday...their 2008 Holiday Mix. This is their second year releasing a mix of songs that have influenced them musically this past year. This isnt a recap mix of tracks like the others. I think thats a great enjoy...


01. Squeeze - Take Me, I'm Yours (Single Edit)
02. Marc Bolan & T. Rex - Metal Guru0
3. Cartola - Preciso Me Encontrar
04. Nina Simone - Sunday In Savannah
05. George Harrison - Art of Dying
06. Hugh Masekela - The Boy's Doin' It
07. Nancy Sinatra & Lee Hazlewood - Some Velvet Morning
08. Steel Pulse - Your House
09. Makonde - Manzara
10. The Move - The Words of Aaron (2005 Remaster)
11. Aaliyah - I Care 4 U
12. Ennio Morricone - La Bambola
13. Graham Nash - Chicago
14. Barnes, Myra (Vicki Anderson) - The Message from the Soul Sisters, Pts. 1 & 2
15. George Harrison - Art of Dying

Nike Air Yeezy: 3 Colourways due in March 09'

These are the first images of the 3 Colourways that are slated to drop as a Quickstrike in March....Those Black on Blacks are murdering sh--!!! The Air Yeezy will clearly be the biggest sneaker release of 2009. Some people like em some people hate em....I'm not all that big into sneakers, maybe more than the next...but its hard to deny how fresh these are. They say ohh all Kanye did was take 3 different kicks (bape roadsta, Jordan 4, hyperdunk....3 of my favorite kicks....) and fuse them...but so what! Can you come up with a better design??

info via Tradition

Video: Blue Scholars - Coffee and Snow + The Ave ...Makes Me Miss Seattle..

The thing that makes me love this...other than that this track is f___ing the fact that I'm from Seattle and my Dad is down here visiting from Seattle and I keep hearing these stories about how bad the snow is up there...and so Blue Scholars trapped in the snow, like everybody else, decided to take out their camera and give a glimpse into Seattle life..and than I listen to the track below...and I start to reminisce about some fun me and the homies had messing with college kids on 'the ave'...I love it when art does that...Man, I gotta go back and visit!

Blue Scholars - The Ave

Seattle I see you..

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Justin Timberlake - Feelin Myself (prod. Timbaland and Polow)

they're back

so a leak appears from Justin's new project...and as already known Timbo is on the boards....Obviously not a finished record...almost sounds like the beginings of a track...kind of so so...check it out


DJ Haylow Mixtape '08-09 Season'

DJ Haylow dropped this 08 recap in my inbox last week and I totally slept on it..

check out DJ Haylow

'08-09 Season'

gotta say I'm liking these recap mixtapes....

Terry Urban - How My Brain Works 2 Mixtape

for your listening pleasure....via Illroots


Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Behind the Scenes: Pacific Division and Cook Classics making 'She'

So I posted the video yesterday of the Pacific Division and Tiron performing this track, which is supposedly going to be called 'She' ....the track sounds dope and now I'm searching for a leak.....I'll let you know if I find via Cooks Classics

more footage of the session on the other side....

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J.A.M.E.S Watts - Gray Area prod. Golden Child

They sampled what? Juno?....whatever..I like this track....

update: email in my inbox from James Watts.....not a 'Juno' sample, but very similar I must say....

J.A.M.E.S Watts - Gray Area

the making of on the other side...

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Daniel Merriweather - Change ft. Wale

I welcome the Mark Ronsonization of Hip-hop....Freshness......

50% off Digital Gravel 2 Days Left..

You only have 2 days left people.....everybody is havng a sale right now...go to Digi Gravel

Nike Zoom Kobe IV iD with Mike Epps & DJ AM (Full Version)

The Full Version of the Video that I posted last week. Man so many new and rare kicks on display...The Laker colored Yeezy's, the Mcfly Hyper dunks, the New Kobe Zooms, The Turtle Entourage A1s, The Undefeated A1s and more.....The video includes more scenes of the actual horse game between Epps and DJ AM + more images of the Yeezys AM is rocking and more kicks on display...

K-os - Astronaut X The Avenue X Zambony

3 new tracks leaked from one of my favorite artist...K-os...all of these tracks reflect K-os's constant high artistic caliber...hes one of those artists that really plays in his own field musically... The tracks are from K-OS's new album 'Yes!' scheduled for a March 09' release.

K-OS - Astronaut

K-OS - The Avenue

K-OS - Zambony

Kid Cudi X Eighty81 interview

Cudi on his music and the development of his career...If you want some insight into the 'Man on the Moon' and what makes him tick be enlightened...and thanks to Eighty81 for a great interview.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Pacific Division ft. Tiron - She Gotta Have it (snippet) live from Block Stars @ Echoplex

A snippet of the joint people have been talking about from the show I missed cause I didn't wanna drive out to Glendale...*silently mutters 'dumbass'*

Diamond Holiday release pt2 - Tomorrow

that hoody is dope!

New Music Monday!!

basically my favorite tracks of the last week...

Item of the week #3: Nike Court Force Lux

The Nike Court Force Lux was released in November and made available @ Undefeated (where all the cool people buy their kicks)and other tier 0 account retailers like both Black and Grey, as pictured, the kicks have a Suede upper giving off the look of a Street/Dress hybrid. People like me who hate not being able to rock my kicks at the club and who like to rock grown sh-- find these to be a God send from the brain trust at Nike..But I'll let Nike explain it.....

'Lux is driven by a particular level of taste and recognition by those few sharing the same point of view. Lux is a subtle nod of approval vs. a shout of 'look at me.' Lux is about everyday and all occasions vs. hidden in your closet.'

This is the first sneaker launch for Nike with the 'Lux' concept and moving forward more items will be released by Nike using the "lux' concept in different facets of Nike's premium design items. 4 or 5 items are expected to come out each year following the Lux Concept. And these right here are a fantastic start.

retail: $180...and yes they are still available

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Jay-Z x B.I.G - Brooklyn (Go Hard) (D-tale remix) ....Fressshhhness

DJ D-Tale delivers the natural remix I knew was coming...Yeezy on the beat with Jay and Big on the track....just download that sh--!

JAY-Z X BIGGIE - Brooklyn (Go Hard)

Video: Shawn Chrystopher - "Inglewood Hero" off of 'I.W.G.: I Wear Glasses' mixtape

I live just outside of Inglewood..and I heard dudes mixtape....than I saw this creative video on On Smash and I had to share it...Shawn Chrystopher dropped his mixtape 'I wear Glasses: I.W.G' in October. You can download it below....

The Twelves - Works for Me ...Bacardi Live Films

World Renowned remix artists The Twelves are best known for their remix of M.I.A's 'Boyz', but impressed the sh-- out of me with this track which is their own production. This track is major catchy like that Virgins 'Rich girls' track. This track 'Work For Me' hit the web back in July and has since been played all over the world. This video popped up on discobelle and as simple as it is..I always appreciate artists getting in front of a camera and performing their art for the public to enjoy..even if its a couple of dudes punching buttons and bobbing their heads.

The Twelves - Works for Me

The Twelves - Works for Me

not to mention they did a pretty fresh remix of one of my favortie tracks of 08' 'Rich Girls' by the Virgins...

Rich Girls(twelves remix)