Saturday, December 20, 2008

Video: T.I. BlackMen Magazine Photoshoot

To be T.I...excluding that whole Jail, snitch, baby mama drama, Shawty Lo bull..maybe not to be T.I.

models..Chanta Patton and Daphne Joy...links are to google since I know thats what you were about to do..

"Never seen nothing like that in my life"...really?

Kanye wants to be an intern @ Louis gladly carry cups of coffee around the Black Mens Magazine office.

Kanye West X Nike AF1 - 808's and Heartbreak Air Force One Custom

The customs were made by Mache. The kicks take Kaws prints(drawn from Kaws contribution to the 808's album cover) and Kanye's suit in that pic that made its round on the internet. No word on whether or not these will be availabloe for purchase or just make the rounds for exhibition.

more pics on the other side...

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Wale - Chillin (prod. Cool and Dre)

he'll still never live that one^^ down

update: Song removed by request...just got an IM request from Wale's management....

I was linked to this Elite+taste post on the matter.

"First of all, THIS SONG IS UNFINISHED. Second of all, this song was recorded 6 months ago, before “Arab Money” came out. THIS IS WHY LEAKING UNFINISHED SONGS IS NOT A GOOD LOOK. I’ve sent emails to every single person who has posted this song and most have obliged in taking it down. Thank you for having enough respect for the music to do that. I’m reading feedback, both good and bad, on the song and it’s just so frustrating. Imagine if a scene from like, STAR WARS, leaked with no special effects on them. Or a rehearsal scene from just a regular movie. People can complain all they want about piracy but that is not the issue here. The issue is spreading demo material and passing it off as finished. Once the song’s done…shit post it everywhere, I don’t care. So please, if you are a Wale fan, please, if you see the song, leave a comment telling them to take it down. I have seen that this internet thing is actually far more civilized than you would imagine. And saying, “well everyone else is doing it” does not make it right. Come on, your parents taught you better! Only YOUUUUUUUUUUUU can save hip hop. "

will repost of course when and if a finished version comes out...

Video: K'NAAN - Somalia

Off K'NAAN's 'Troubador' out January 13... K'NAAN brings heavy themes to hip-hop that are so sorely lacking in a market so saturated in frivolity and egos. Hip-hop like any other genre needs that balance.

Trailer: Dragonball Evolution......I don't know

For geeks like me this Dragonball Z was such a great Japanese Cartoon with a great amount of artistic merit, but Hollywood has a tendancy to flub creative pieces like this. I'll watch it, but I'm feeling shaky on the casting.

Available this morning @ Undefeated L.A. : DJ Clark Kent Black Friday AF1's + Undefeated X Incase Ballistic Bag

Clark Kent Black Friday AF1's - Who knows...update: Sold Out

WOOOW! ....I have no words..The guy has the largest collection of AF1's in the world so I'm not surprised its this dope! Seriously I will own these.

Undefeated X Incase Ballistic Bag - 500 avaialable

Both items were made available tonight @ all L.A. Undefeated locations as of 12am this morning. Limited edition of course so its quite possible that while I am posting this the Stores are selling out.

The Smallest Computer ...Ever..The Apple Mactini

The Future.

Billionaire Boys Club & Ice Cream Season 8 Lookbook

click picture..lookbook will open in new window

This has to be one of the best designed lookbooks I've ever seen...the clothes are coo. There are a couple of dope pieces I would rock, but the lookbook itself is largely why I'm posting this....crazy!!!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Keys 2 the City L.A.: The Game

Its Game's turn...he goes into his weight...the game...and phony rap beefs....all in the hood....Melrose that is.

Jay Electronica - Swagger Jackson's Revenge

Do I have to say anything? Dudes on his own planet.

Jay Electronica - Swagger Jackson's Revenge

thanks to Illroots

Trendspotting: Gucci Themed kicks

With the recent releases by Undercrown and Crooks & Castles as well as a few others of mention Gucci Themed kicks seems to be the trend of the moment. This is either hit or miss. Thankfully the latest releases have for the most part been hits, but there have been some flops. Its clear this is a trend thats not going anywhere. Your sure to see some more projects out there this year. This seems like a trend of the moment and not likely to last that long, but for now with the success of several releases the past couple of years this is a trend that is looking like its here to stay.

more Gucci themed kicks on the other side...

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Karmaloop 50% off Site-Wide through 12/22 3p

Just got the text...50% off Site wide @ using the code GLOW on checkout. The sale is on until 12/22 at 3pm.

Kanye West - Love Lockdown (Flying Lotus Remix)

Some good work from Flying Lotus...Minimalist downbeat remix of Kanye's hit..

Kanye West - Love Lockdown (Flying Lotus Remix)

Lil Wayne + Coldplay = Viva la Milli





Terry Urban's brain fart....

Viva la Milli

Boogie on the source..

Porsche Design P'9522 Touch Phone

With all the new touch screen phones in the market and all the new ones waiting in the wings....some dooope ones I've just seen that you'll be hearing about....Porsche's new addition to the Touch Screen market the P'9522 is definitely right up their with some of the other well designed phones joining the market recently....


• Quad-band GSM, with GPRS and EDGE
• 2.8-inch touchscreen display, 400 x 240 pixels
• 5-megapixel camera with autofocus and LED flash
• Internal GPS
• Wi-Fi
• Bluetooth 2.0 with A2DP
• Media player functions
• FM radio
• 2GB memory card included in the package
• Talk time: up to 240 minutes
• Stand by time: up to 300 hours
• 115 grams

HHO Dame Dash Interview Part 2: 'The Future'

Part 2 of the Much blogged about interview by Hip-Hop Official with Dame Dash. Dame chops it up on what his plans a word....he doesn't know...but it has something to do with music, clothes, movies, documentaries and probably liquor..basically...

btw yo Dame!...Just for Men....maybe...

The first part of the interview on the other side...Dame goes into Jay-Z and Jim Jones + his relationship with Jay-Z...also be sure to pickup Complex's new issue with an in depth interview with Jim and Dame jumping in...

also..don't miss The Outtakes..

Dame misses Jay....he just cant bring himself around to admitting it..

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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Unrealeased Janet Jackson: 'What More Can I Say' + 'Clap Your Hands' prod. Rich Harrison

Will gladly be molested@ the hands of this Jackson 'Anytime Anyplace'

2 unreleased tracks off Janet's previous release 'Damita Jo' leaked to the internet and now its here...'Damita Jo' wasn't very good IMHO and how these joints didn't make the album is crazy to me...Janet kind of lost me(musically) after 'Janet', but these tracks are pretty good. Well with that being said the fact that these are unreleased is another example why A&R's at these labels don't know sh--! Production by Rich Harrison of Beyoncé and Amerie fame.

Janet Jackson - What More Can I Say(prod. Richard Harrison)<---the best one

Janet Jackson - Clap Your Hands (prod. Richard Harrison)

Reebok Ex O Fit Hi SG Strap

2009 is gonna be full of some great sneaker releases and be sure I'm on top of it. Start the Air Yeezy war in the Sneaker world. Everybody who is paying attention knows that the sneaker world is waiting with cautious excitement and anticipation for the release of the Air Yeezy sometime next year(April say some). Reebok is definitely not trying to see Nike dominate another say hello to the Ex-O-fit Hi Strap!

release: Feburary 2009
retail: $90

more colourways after the jump...

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Ryan Leslie - The Remedy ft. st Laz

R. Les always comes with that heat on the R&B side..and this track is that heatrocks for real...I've said it before and I'll say it again...the present and the future of RnB the Harvard Grad....

Ryan Leslie - The Remedy ft. st Laz

Exile - 'Making a Beat'

Exile does some Akai magic...The wonders of the MPC...Exile's album drops on 01/20 'Radio'..He remixes some Hiero and 'Milli' right before your eyes...

Mick Boogie + Adele - 1988

Now I have to admit I had never heard of Adele until this week which is crazy cause I love artists like her and I generally find out about them early...but Mick Boogie just introduced me...Now MB is known to put together some great mixtapes..i.e. 'Viva la Hova' and Kanye's 'Graduation' Mixtape(one of my faves all time)..and this one is right up there in the Originality scale...

Now as to Adele..Shes like a mix of Amy Winehouse and Lykke Li...very original style..They consider her the next Amy Winehouse in the U.K...those are massive crack infested boots to fill though..

from Mick Boogie:

'Fresh off the success of the internationally-acclaimed Viva La Hova, the MB team have reunited to introduce rock star Adele (nominated for 4 Grammy awards) to a whole new audience.

Adele's album 19 set trends and created influence in the pop, rock and international worlds. But what would happen if the vocals and instruments of 19 were combined with the hip-hop sensibilities of the late 1980s, considered by many hip-hop's golden age?

The result is the new release from Mick Boogie... Adele: 1988.

More than a mashup, it's a complete reinterpretation of Adele's album as only Mick Boogie and friends can do.'

1) Chasing 1988: The Intro (f/ 6th Sense)
2) Day Dreams (nVMe Remix)
3) Tired (6th Sense Remix)
4) First Love (Remot Remix f/ Naledge)
5) My Same (Garbs Infinite Remix)
6) Melt My Heart To Stone (Kickdrums Remix f/ Big Pooh)
7) Cold Shoulder (Garbs Infinite Remix)
8) Right As Rain (nVMe Remix)
9) Make You Feel My Love (Remot Remix)

Think...Amy Winehouse meets 80's hip-hop classics...

cop that

listen to Adele's 19 on the other side...Can't believe I'm just being introduced..

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Barack Obama Time Magazine's Person of the Year...Congrats Shephard Fairey!

one of the most iconic images in political history...designed by a street artist of one of my favorite brands since I was a little punk Poly Sci major..Obey..

Whole Story

Buy a print

pick it up..its a collectors edition no it'll be worth something in the future I'm sure.

And also definitely check out Obama the The College Years

...Man..Dude was fresh back in the it just me or does this pic of Obama remind you of Blu??...

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Russell Simmons Prepaid Rush Visa Card hits $2 Billion Mark!

more like what kids should aspire too....

When Russell started his 'Rush' Prepaid Visa card people thought he was crazy...that he thought too big .....and today...

Russell Simmons' Visa RushCard Hits $2 Billion Mark

Hip Hop mogul-turned-philanthropist, Russel Simmons’ latest endeavor, the debt-reducing Visa RushCard, recently hit the two billion dollar deposit mark in a time when more Americans than ever can use the extra help. Simmons’ RushCard is a prepaid Visa Card, similar to a debit card that allows people with bad credit to have the same opportunities while building up good credit.
"I'm personally very happy that RushCard is benefiting and empowering people exactly as it was intended," said Simmons.

The card allows members to track their transactions online while including debt reducing strategies and restriction to prevent over drafting or over use.
"In America today, no one should be left out or kept out of having access to the American Dream and financial services which a bank account or credit card provides to others. The fact that we have already helped our members manage $2 billion in transactions proves that RushCard is instrumental in providing access to those services that hundreds of thousands of people may not otherwise have.”

source:Hip-Hop DX

Gnarls Barkey - Who's Gonna Save My Soul feat. Jota Flowers(this negro has more names than Diddy) or Jay Electronica

man.....Jay Elec is really that guy.....

love is conditional
i never knew that mary'd put a whole in my fishin' boat
i got to trippin mo'
she went to bitchin' mo
the court of universal law said it wasn't permissible
she went to forte
i stayed pianissimo
then i went to forte
and she went to physical
should i go?
should i stay and withstand the additional
attacks on the mental and the physical?
its gon get dangerous
why waste time in these childlike exchanges
why waste time with these childlike games
its just make up to break up
cryin' all the time baby messin' up your makeup
try and scratch my face up
she say "i need communication jay but you don't say much"
i know it ain't okay but…
i'm from where niggas keep they mouths closed and the gate shut.
it seems like only yesterday that i was just a kid in christian dior velour, ballys and a shape up…
spinnin' on cardboard
and tryna rip a break up.
life comes at you fast.
i went from sleepin' in class to sleepin' the streets forgettin' where i wake up.
when i was hit with trial,
i slipped into survival
and did alotta shit a nigga wasn't proud of
so when i be sittin' on the couch with a blank head,
i be at the homeless shelter Jefferson in Bankhead.
a jack sippin dank head
makin' sure niggas don't steal my clothes,
tryna make a path so i fulfill my goals,
tryna take a bath so i can heal my soul…
a little bit of laughter to conceal my woes…
who gon save me?

Gnarls Barkey - Who's Gonna Save My Soul feat. Jota Flowers(this negro has more names than Diddy) or Jay Electronica

Okay Player with the drop.

Saigon loves the kids! Embarrassed by Hip-hop..

true true I'm not mad.....but I don't think this is exactly the type of example they need.

The J Dilla Watch: Leroy Jenkins X Toy Watch

How we as humans immortalize our heroes.....

We commercialize the f--k out of their legacy.

The watch is a collab between Toy Watch, one of my favorite watch brands, and Leroy Jenkins.

source:Village Slum (poor taste in women that blog though)

more on Toy Watch to come...

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Video: N.E.R.D - Sooner or Later

heres the video.... Doooope.

Nike Blue Chip Collection - Deron Williams, Kevin Durant, and Brandon Roy

Nike has unveiled their new 'Blue Chip' Collection of sneakers customized for 3 of the NBA's best young players(3 of my favorite players) Deron Williams from the Jazz, Kevin Durant from that stupid Oklahoma team that should of stayed in Seattle, and Brandon Roy from University of Washington...oops I mean the Portland Trailblazers. These kicks are major fresh. The design has hints of the Jordan 2 and 4. Probably one of the best new packs I've seen released. Each sneaker is customized with the players name and the color of the respective teams. But looking at each shoe it is clear which player had more input in on the creation of his(KD).

Now available @ every House Of Hoops Local

House of Hoops by Foot Locker
268 West 125th Street
NY, NY 10027

House of Hoops by Foot Locker
Beverly Center Mall - 6th Floor
8500 Beverly Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90048

House of Hoops by Foot Locker
North Riverside Park Mall
7501 W Cermak Rd.
Riverside, IL 60546

Hypebeast on the scoop.

more pics on the other side...

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DJ Dave - The Boss (Part 2)

DJ Dave drops a new mixtape of all exclusive new music



01. Xs Feat Dave - Tha Rising (Prod By Dj Dave) 2.18
02. Marques Houston - How You Just Gonna 3.41
03. Rkelly - She Knows It 3.00
04. Mario - Jeanz 3.07
05. Jagged Edge - Get U Open 3.48
06. The Dream - Stripper Love 2.45
07. Ciara - Rattla 4.06
08. Bobby Valentino - -1 - 3 Is The New 2 4.45
09. Qwote - Material Girl 3.15
10. Justin Timberlake Feat T.I. - If I 4.44
11. Git Fresh - Monsta 3.51
12. Brutha - Forgiveness 4.22
13. Mila J - SWEAT 3.20
14. Sammie - Sorry Is Not Enough 2.29


01. Lil Scrappy - Tha Boss (INTRO) 1.50
02. Rich Rick Feat Maya - Kissing U 4.50
03. Petey Pablo Feat KrockerBoyz - Wall 2 Wall 3.30
04. Bow Wow - Get That Paper 3.25
05. Belly Feat Drake - Girl Let Me 3.35
06. Flo-Rida - Touch Me 2.44
07. Yung Berg - I Do Better 3.54
08. Tpain - Fire (Missy Elliot Demo) 3.48
09. Busta Rhymes Feat Missy Elliot & Ne-Yo - Freakin You Out 4.05
10. SwizzBeatz - Represent Things You Do 2.00
11. Black Pride - Shes Crispy (Prod By Dj Dave) 1.48

Dre's Back!! Kardinal Offishal - Set it Off (remix) feat. DR. DRE!! and the Clipse.

Thats really the D..R..E.. picked it up from DJ Skee via his Twitter. From Skee: 'Dre saw the vid we (Skee.TV) did 4 "Set It Off" bcuz Dre headphones r n there-Jimmy sent it 2 him to c-he loved it & the song & was inspired'. Dre comes in @ 1:24.

Kardinal Offishall - Set it Off(remix) feat. Dr. Dre and Clipse

While we've all waited ooh so patiently..DJ Quik lets us know just how mind blowing Dre's new long(and I mean 7 years long) awaited project 'DETOX' is set to be...on the other side...

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Monday, December 15, 2008

New Music Monday - Relive the past week of new music

Gadget of the Week: Korg Mini KP Kaoss Pad...for all my DJ's

For all of those DJ's (and wanna be DJ's) who like to manipulate tracks and are always looking for new ways to do it, but don't like big clunky DJ setups...The Korg mini KP Kaoss Pad may be what you were looking for. With 100 effects in total the mini Kaoss pad is easy to setup and includes features like filter, delay & reverb, looper and a bunch of other dope effects that can all be created from one little pad. Hugely useful toy...

retail: Turntable Lab has it for $149!

Honey Shed has a clip on it, but DJ Mag's was better and a special thanks to Honeyshed anyway for all the trifeys they employ.

Check out Korg's website for more info.

Sunday, December 14, 2008


Well...thats not how you treat your 'liberator'(lol). On Bush's final trip to Iraq...I think this incident just about says it all..not much comment necessary. Funny thing is...this guy got off a second shoe toss.

Video: Pepsi Pop-up Retail show last night - Pac Div + The Clipse

Man all I gotta say is Pac Div murdered it. Performances were short and it didn't get packed till late (a shock since youd think L.A. would come out major for this)..I missed the Banana Split jump off with Jazzy Jeff and AM this afternoon, but sh-- happens.

Thanks to Meka of 2dopeboyz on the footage. I was just to the left of Meka rocking my yellow J1 retros and a big ass Polo vest. Crowd was a little tight...but I was doin the 'Mayor' and lovin it. Thanks to Pepsi for the free Hen.

Pac Div 'Mayor'

More Pac Div and the Clipse's set on the other side....

Clipse - 'Keys Open Doors'

Gotta chance to see them rocking their new 'Play Cloths' line....shi-'s fresh.

funny, I'm checkin every second of these videos to see if I'm in any of them. If he turns this camera like 2 feet more to the left you'll see me vibin out throwin my drink back.

Pacific Division - Taste (my joint from a little back)

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Blu - Space Jive

So you remember this....

Well of all the tracks on that mixtape one stood out.....

Blu - Space Jive link

Kanye on Saturday Night Live - Love Lockdown + Heartless

Kanye drops some unheard verses for this performance of Heartless..I love the stage setup..Cool sh--...thanks to for the video(probably'll get pulled tomorrow)

update: download Kanye West - Heartless Saturday Night live

Love Lockdown on the other side....

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