Saturday, December 20, 2008

Wale - Chillin (prod. Cool and Dre)

he'll still never live that one^^ down

update: Song removed by request...just got an IM request from Wale's management....

I was linked to this Elite+taste post on the matter.

"First of all, THIS SONG IS UNFINISHED. Second of all, this song was recorded 6 months ago, before “Arab Money” came out. THIS IS WHY LEAKING UNFINISHED SONGS IS NOT A GOOD LOOK. I’ve sent emails to every single person who has posted this song and most have obliged in taking it down. Thank you for having enough respect for the music to do that. I’m reading feedback, both good and bad, on the song and it’s just so frustrating. Imagine if a scene from like, STAR WARS, leaked with no special effects on them. Or a rehearsal scene from just a regular movie. People can complain all they want about piracy but that is not the issue here. The issue is spreading demo material and passing it off as finished. Once the song’s done…shit post it everywhere, I don’t care. So please, if you are a Wale fan, please, if you see the song, leave a comment telling them to take it down. I have seen that this internet thing is actually far more civilized than you would imagine. And saying, “well everyone else is doing it” does not make it right. Come on, your parents taught you better! Only YOUUUUUUUUUUUU can save hip hop. "

will repost of course when and if a finished version comes out...