Sunday, December 14, 2008

Video: Pepsi Pop-up Retail show last night - Pac Div + The Clipse

Man all I gotta say is Pac Div murdered it. Performances were short and it didn't get packed till late (a shock since youd think L.A. would come out major for this)..I missed the Banana Split jump off with Jazzy Jeff and AM this afternoon, but sh-- happens.

Thanks to Meka of 2dopeboyz on the footage. I was just to the left of Meka rocking my yellow J1 retros and a big ass Polo vest. Crowd was a little tight...but I was doin the 'Mayor' and lovin it. Thanks to Pepsi for the free Hen.

Pac Div 'Mayor'

More Pac Div and the Clipse's set on the other side....

Clipse - 'Keys Open Doors'

Gotta chance to see them rocking their new 'Play Cloths' line....shi-'s fresh.

funny, I'm checkin every second of these videos to see if I'm in any of them. If he turns this camera like 2 feet more to the left you'll see me vibin out throwin my drink back.

Pacific Division - Taste (my joint from a little back)

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