Monday, December 1, 2008

More ill sh-- from Billionaire Boys Club + Video

Nigo and Pharrell have fundamentally altered the scope of streetwear(whether you like it or not) and they are not letting up. Some people say its too expensive(it is) and others say its not good quality(which is bullsh--). But I have to tell you they haven't dissapointed me the past couple of seasons. Heres a couple of dope items just released ....

Billionaire Boys Club “Heart & Mind” T-Shirt

I know you like that. retail $80. Sadly, I guess its sold out....but if your like me you have channels.

Billionaire Boys Club Space Exploration Parka(doesn't work in L.A. but if I lived in the big homey Pharrell would say...Yezzirrr..)

If you have $1,055 to drop on a Parka its all yours.

Pharrell speaks on 'Black Friday' on the other side... and a challenge for the audience..

Now if we could get Nigo and Pharrell to design some sunglasses...

$20 for anybody who can tell me to the designer of these glasses.

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