Sunday, December 7, 2008

Henok Achido - Fly Fresh(Merkin Remix)

Henok is one of My Favorite European artists to come out recently. His raps are mostly heart and guts. Henok is one to watch. This is a remix version of the original track 'Fly Fresh' that dropped not to long ago. I just heard this when I was checking out Caliroots Crooks & Castles Holiday 08/09 lookbook(Freshness btw). Anyway big up to Merkin(Thanks Rob) and DJ 2 Much and Caliroots on the lookbook and on using the track.

You can find out more about Henok from Real Talk NY's write up.

Henok Achido - Fly Fresh (Merkin Remix)

The video for the original track + some more dope sh-- from dude after the jump...

Fly Fresh

Million Dollar Baby ...(My sh--!)

Can I

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