Monday, December 15, 2008

Gadget of the Week: Korg Mini KP Kaoss Pad...for all my DJ's

For all of those DJ's (and wanna be DJ's) who like to manipulate tracks and are always looking for new ways to do it, but don't like big clunky DJ setups...The Korg mini KP Kaoss Pad may be what you were looking for. With 100 effects in total the mini Kaoss pad is easy to setup and includes features like filter, delay & reverb, looper and a bunch of other dope effects that can all be created from one little pad. Hugely useful toy...

retail: Turntable Lab has it for $149!

Honey Shed has a clip on it, but DJ Mag's was better and a special thanks to Honeyshed anyway for all the trifeys they employ.

Check out Korg's website for more info.